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[April Week 1] PEN TALK

📌 Today’s Headline: Blockcity, Let’s go! Part 3 .Adjusting tax rate

Hello! This Editor K.

Last time, we talked about voting, which is the core function of Blockcity. The city’s representative, elected through voting among registered candidates, implements various policies to run the city. Today, let’s experience one of the representative powers, the function of adjusting the tax rate. In addition, we will briefly take a look at the banking functions implemented in Blockcity.

After winning the election last time, I work hard in my office to run the city. It takes a lot of money and responsibility to run a city just as it takes a certain amount of living expenses to maintain a family. In our real life, taxes are used to build public facilities for the convenience of the people or to ensure safety and welfare, right? You may be wondering why taxes are needed in the game, but in Blockcity, you can get a job close to the real economy and earn money through production activities, and all city residents are obligated to pay taxes!

To adjust the tax, I first talked to my work mate, Secretary Kim, Manager NPC.

You can check the current tax rate on the tax rate setting screen. I’m going to change the tax from 30% to 40% to get the budget to build walls and hire mercenaries for the city. When adjusting the tax rate in this way, the sudden increase in tax can cause public backlash, so it is important to have a reasonable reason and an appropriate ratio, right?

When the tax rate adjustment is complete, click the Save Tax button and apply the new tax rate with the initial password set in Part 1. When the tax change is complete, “Assets are stored on the blockchain server. Click to check blockchain data. New tax rate has been applied!!” appears. If you click [Click to check blockchain data.], you will be connected to the homepage and you can check the updated tax information in real time. Because the changed tax rate is registered on the blockchain, the same tax rate applies to everyone. In addition, because everyone can check the details of the leader’s management, taxes can be managed transparently. Therefore, it is possible to prevent corruption of the representative and create a clean environment.

After work, I stopped by the bank for a while to store my small and precious block coin (tentative name), which I received as a quest reward in the past! It is very interesting to be able to experience the deposit and withdrawal procedures that we conduct in real banks in the virtual Blockcity.

First, talk to the Banker NPC, and two buttons will appear: [Deposit] and [Withdraw].

To deposit, click [Deposit] or to withdraw, click [Withdraw]. If you choose to deposit or withdraw, there are 100000/10000/1000/100/10/1 6 amount buttons. You can deposit or withdraw the amount you want by selecting the button of the desired amount. I press the [Deposit] button to save my small and precious 10 block coins. I worked hard to become an honest city representative, but I couldn’t take care of myself, so my wallet is quite light. But if only the residents can be happy, my heart is rich.

Click the [Save Bank Account] button and enter the initial password to complete the deposit! That’s easy, right?

So far, we have experienced the functions of real estate rental, voting, and tax rate adjustment linked to blockchain in Blockcity, and learned about various activities that Blockcity can do. In addition to the features covered in this series, new blockchain technologies have been implemented in-game. Blockcity, a Minecraft-based blockchain game, has been tested and is about to be released in the first half of this year, so we ask for your interest and anticipation!

Thank you.

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