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[April Week 1] Weekly Report

Hi, this is Team Protocon.

This is a Weekly Report that comprehensively delivers the major announcements and development status of Protocon last week. Let’s check the development status together this week to see what updates are available.

1. Protocon Mainnet Development Status

• Completed

1) Test Contract Model and update Wallet

- Created Currency, BlockSign Operation

- Implemented Operation Sign / Send page

> import as json file

2) Link testnet and BlockSign

- Integration and testing with BlockSign service in an integrated contract model environment

3) Develop mitum-document Model

- Write test code for mitum-document

- Patch related to document id

• In progress

1) Testing Contract Model, Wallet Update

- Implement BlockCity Operation creation

- Implementation of operation signature/transmission page

> Import as qr file

> Import as csv file

2. Blockcity Development Status

​• Completed

1) Design

- Completed armor design production

- Fixed armor animation

- Complete icon to display inventory for each armor part

- GUI (Inventory, Status, NPC Chat, NPC inven)

2) Development

- Apply the armor model

- Apply gun table and apply bullet classification

- Treasury, shop update

• In progress

1) Design

- Organize and repair additional items

2) Development

- NPC refactoring

- Gimmick, repair, lootbox pre-work

- Fixed warehouse NPC, free merchant NPC

3. BlockSign Development Status

• Completed

- BlockSign_C file management system v1.5 development and SDK update

• In progress

- Create BlockSign_C landing page, testing and debugging

4. Protocon Wallet Development Status

• Completed

- Protocon Wallet App aOS v1.1.0 (1), v1.1.1 testing & debugging

- Protocon Wallet App iOS v0.2.3 debugging

- Design and planning of landing page(Protocon Wallet)

- Design structure and model of FeeFi

• In progress

- Protocon Wallet App aOS v1.1.2 test

- FeeFi service Liquidity & Exchange Logic, Define and design requirements

5. Protocon General

• Completed

- Published Yellow Paper (Contract Model)

- Issued PEN token

• In progress

- Protocon website update

- Global Telegram Open event

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