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[April Week 3] Weekly Report

Hi, this is Team Protocon.

This is a Weekly Report that comprehensively delivers the major announcements and development status of Protocon last week. Let’s check the development status together this week to see what updates are available.

1. Protocon Mainnet Development Status

• Completed

1) Contract Model Test Wallet Update

- Currency/Document Transaction Tab Update

2) mitum-js-util test

- keypair creation test

• In progress

- FeeFi Model design

2. Blockcity Development Status

​• Completed

1) Development

- Update Dungeon, Gimmick, Treasure Box

- Experience, Stat update

- Loot box

• In progress

1) Design

- Steel plate, Leather, Fiber, Fur, Paper

2) Development

- Wave contribution store

- Warehouse updated

- Monster AI

- Modified, detached, added logic

3. BlockSign Development Status

• Completed

- BlockSign_C landing page development

• In progress

- BlockSign_C receiver page development

- BlockSign_C issuer web service testing & debugging

4. Protocon Wallet Development Status

• Completed

- Protocon Wallet App aOS v1.1.2 debugging

• In progress

- Protocon Wallet App aOS v1.1.3 test

- Prepared and reviewed FeeFi service specification

5. Protocon General

• Completed

- Global Telegram Opening event

- Listed on Global Exchange Bibox

- Signing partnership with The Recharge

- Launched Staking pool with The Recharge

• In progress

- Airdrop event to celebrate first listing

- Guide to Staking Pool Participation

- Guide to Creating Metamask Wallet

- Guide to use Bibox

- Event hosted by Bibox : Trading Competition & AMA(Ask me anything)

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