Beta Launch of PepperFi, Protocon’s DeFi Platform

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3 min readJan 13


Hello, PEN Clubbers!

Protocon will be launching the beta service of our new DeFi platform, PepperFi!

Protocon is ecstatic to launch the beta service of our new Decentralized Finance Platform, PepperFi to all of you.

This is great news for all of our PEN holders who have been using The Recharge’s Charging Station to stake in the past! We hope you enjoy new reward benefits as you actively participate :)

We hope all of you can be part of the Protocon Ecosystem early on and receive benefits and rewards accordingly.

PepperFi Philosophy

PepperFi is a decentralized financial service/platform that will provide multiple functions such as single/multi-token staking and LP token staking via digital assets. Holders of Protocon’s governance token, $PEN, can deposit their $PEN for a certain period of time while earning rewards by staking. Starting with $PEN, PepperFi will support additional tokens in the future.

1. User-friendly

  • Many people believe that DeFi is complicated and stay away from DeFi. Part of this is essentially true… Therefore, PepperFi has an easy to use and user-friendly UI/UX! Anyone with some familiarity of using CEX/DEX can use PepperFi. PepperFi doesn’t need a huge in-depth guide that uses blockchain heavy jargon.

2. Various Staking

  • PepperFi is a service that allows various forms of staking, such as single token or multi-token staking. This allows you to receive different types of rewards. By providing liquidity via DEX such as PancakeSwap, you will be able to stake the LP tokens you receive for additional rewards.

3. Multi-chain

  • Through multi-chain, you will be able to stake using multiple chains in PepperFi! Although only BSC and KCC are supported (as of now), additional chains will be supported when Protocon’s mainnet opens in the future.

Supported Wallets

PepperFi will support the 3 wallets listed below.

  • Astrone Wallet (Coming Soon)
  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect

Primary Services and Features

To establish the decentralized ecosystem, there must be services and features that can reward the ecosystem participants and community.

We’ve established three main features to give a different experience with specified mechanics and mechanisms. To this end, we’ve implemented the following:

1. Fixed APR & Dynamic APR

  • PepperFi will support a Fixed APR and Dynamic APR. A fixed APR will allow constant and consistent returns without the rate of return fluctuating. All Dynamic APR pairs will closely correlate with the current market situation which may fluctuate. All rates will be updated live and users will be able to monitor the rates. Remember to look at the lock-up period and APR for each pool beforehand!

2. Single Token Staking or Multi-token Staking

  • In addition to a Fixed APR or Dynamic APR, PepperFi will support Single Token Staking or Multi-token Staking. Users will be able to stake one specific token but earn rewards in a different token.You can also stake 2 or more multiple tokens and receive 2 or more different tokens as a reward! Participants will be able to stake $BUSD and earn $PEN or other tokens.

3. LP Token Staking

  • PepperFi will allow you to stake LP tokens received as a reward if you provide liquidity to the LP (Liquidity Pool) paired to the DEX. Rewards will vary depending on the liquidity provided to each pool. We plan to provide additional staking services for additional tokens in the future, so please stay tuned!

If this is quite confusing, please take a look at our **PepperFi GUIDE** and please click on the tab that will help!

Pool Types

Dynamic APR pools will be available first, and additional pools will be opened later on as well. Please check the lock-up period and APR of the pool beforehand.

Where to Buy $PEN Tokens

You can purchase $PEN at the following exchanges below.

PepperFi Official Website

Official Protocon Links