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Get PEN and one more thing… BLOCKCITY NFT!

Hello, this is team Protocon.

As previously announced, on February 22 (Tuesday), the ‘NFT META Korea 2022’ event will begin at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas with the main theme of ‘The beginning of the Web 3.0 era / NFT new financial assets and a new metaverse paradigm’.

Again, we have prepared a special event for you!

<Get PEN and one more thing… BLOCKCITY NFT!>

At this event, there will be an experience space where you can play Blockcity games, an ambitious work developed by Protocon.

We give 100 PEN as a reward to everyone who participates in the experience.

And… one more thing!

Among the participants, we plan to give Blockcity NFT to a total of 20 people through a random lottery.

Protocol booth location A4 in the venue (Grand Ballroom, 5th floor, Grand InterContinental, Seoul)

Come to the event and be sure to check out Block City! Experience it and seize the opportunity to become the protagonist of the NFT.

Thank you so much for your support and interest.

See you on the spot~ 👋

If you are curious about NFT META KOREA 2022, go to the link below 👇


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