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Here comes Protocon! (NFT META Korea 2022)

Hi, Protocon Fam!

Today we are back with news of participating in a new event.

NFT META Korea 2022 (the 15th World Blockchain Summit Marbles) will be held!

This event is under the theme of “Korea again!, The Digital Platform Government, the Beginning of the Web 3.0 Era”. In addition, you can hear various opinions from experts in each field such as blockchain, NFT, and metaverse.

Myungsan Jun, the leader of Protocon, will participate as a presenter in SESSION 3: Blockchain (10:50~11:40) and will present based on the theme of <Blockchain, How will it become an infrastructure in the era of Web 3.0?> .

Please refer to the following information!


  • Date & Time: 2022.07.07.(Thu) 09:00~20:40
  • Venue: Grand Ballroom on the 5th floor, Grand InterContinental Seoul
  • Theme: Korea again! The Beginning of the Web 3.0 Era
  • Hosted by: KCS (Korea CEO Summit)
  • Supported by: Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT), Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS), the Seoul Metropolitan Council, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Official Website :

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