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[July Week 4] PEN TALK

Today’s Topic

📌 Protocon at the META-NFT Korea 2022 Conference!

On July 27, Protocon visited the META NFT Korea 2022 conference. The META NFT conference featured many booths and keynote speakers from various industries to talk about the metaverse and NFTs. The META NFT conference is also one of the first to hold a cosplay convention, fusing “cosplay” with “metaverse” to create what they call the COSMETA.

Anyways, with that quick introduction out of the way, let’s get right into it!

After entering the venue, there were 3 main rooms. The first room, connected to the entrance of the venue, was a general area for people to gather, chat, and take pictures with the cosplayers.

The second room was a large room where the keynote speakers were presenting. The room was filled with people. There were speakers from Microsoft, Crypto Ark, Ecolinks, and many more. It was interesting to see such a wide range of speakers from various industries and backgrounds gathered to answer questions about the future of metaverse and blockchain technology!

Lastly, the third room was filled with several long rows of booths mainly for companies to connect with and share their projects to conference participants. There was also some cool artworks being displayed next to the booths!

Now! Let’s take a close look at some booths together!

As soon as we passed the conference entrance, we found a familiar name!

It was the Korea App’s booth that signed an MOU with Protocon earlier this year, and Korea App is a company that develops blockchain-based applications and is currently known as a company that mainly develops online coin payment solutions and offline kiosks. As a representative example, the company has developed an online and offline coin payment solution called ‘Plapay’ with SPC Networks, and recently collaborated with Artmuse, the largest art gallery in Korea, to develop an NFT trading platform ‘’, which has a total of 200,000 NFTs.

Especially, for this conference, the company introduced an offline kiosk that allows coin payments.These blockchain-based payment kiosks are already being used in real life, such as coffee shops and internet cafes

We’re cheering for you! Protocon’s reliable partner, Korea App!

The next booth we visited was from a company called MEGA, which is developing the blockchain NFT registry. The aim of their company is to increase the use value of blockchain technology in real life and utilize it to create economic wealth for society.

MEGA has worked on many projects before, with one of the most notable projects being the cafeteria food service brand ‘Yammi’ in partnership with the company YCONS. The service is actually being used at Yonsei University, University of Foreign Studies, Korea University, and more! This is just one of the projects they’ve worked on as part of one of their missions to create a “metacampus”.

Another project that MEGA has worked on is in partnership with the company KNCA. The mission here is to create an NFT registry that uses blockchain technology to authenticate certificates and official documents.

The next booth we visited was a company called Metagram. The company is currently developing Slime Farm, an NFT game, and Eternal Mine, a free-to-play game with a unique active-to-earn (A2E) system.

Let’s see what these two games are about!

Slime Farm is a Klaytn based NFT game that has cute graphics and simple controls. In the game, you run a slime farm and create better and cuter slimes!

The Eternal Mine game also looks to be a lot of fun. In the game, you mine gemstones, refine the gemstones, and obtain high-quality equipment from the refined ores. The more you mine, the richer you will become! It is currently in the development and testing stage and will be officially released in August this year.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in to our experiences at the META-NFT Korea 2022. There were definitely many very interesting projects being developed in the metaverse. The future is bright for the metaverse!

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