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[March Week 3] PEN TALK

📌 Today’s Headline: Blockcity, Let’s go! Part 1. Renting real estate

Hello! This Editor K.

Today, we will take time to learn about Blockcity, one of Protocon’s dApp services, and experience some blockchain functions.

Blockcity is a Minecraft-based dApp game. It is attracting a lot of attention as it is the first game ever in the ecosystem to operate on the Protocon blockchain developed and prepared by the Protocon game team.

Blockcity has a variety of blockchain technologies developed by Protocon, including a voting system that selects representatives from each city and a real estate rental system that allows users to purchase and trade land/buildings. In this way, the relevant blockchain features implemented in Blockcity proved the technology of Protocon and laid the groundwork for developing into a game platform. A true technology showroom!

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What kind of game is Blockcity?

Block City is a #sandbox-type action MMORPG game that survives in a newly constructed Blockcity set in a #post-apocalyptic world,(just like the movie #MAD MAX’s background) a world ravaged by nuclear war in the late 21st century. Users can engage in various work activities as survivors of a destroyed world. Each user has a common goal to protect the Blockcity, and must survive by defending the Blockcity from external attacks such as mutant monsters. In addition, users can experience various production activities in our daily life, such as visiting banks and real estate transactions, just like the metaverse that combines virtual space and real world in Blockcity.

It would be more interesting to actually experience it than a long explanation. Shall we go straight to the game?

Blockcity, Let’s go! Part 1. Renting real estate

When you log into Blockcity, a screen to set a password appears. Passwords are used by users for various decision-making activities in Blockcity. It is used as an authentication process such as a digital signature, and you can think of it as a concept that allows you to enter your personal password to be recorded on the blockchain. Try setting up your own 4-digit password that no one knows about. Let’s see… 123..4…

I am homeless now, so I will go to a real estate agent to rent a house. I met the Estate Broker NPC, who finds suitable properties in the city to rent and also issues rental certificates. When I talk to him carefully, he responds kindly, ‘What can I do for you?’

First of all, I was able to choose the rental period I wanted between <7 days> and <30 days>. By selecting 7 days, I was able to check the list of properties currently available for rent. If you hover your cursor over the building image, you can check the building’s coordinates, address, area, rent, etc. The building I chose is located on Block City Street 1, and the rent per day is 100 block coins (tentative name), but since I rented for 7 days, the total would be 700 block coins. Users can trade resources acquired through gathering and hunting in Block City, or obtain game money through quest rewards. Users can use the acquired block coins to trade real estate or purchase game items. Finally, when I select a building and proceed with the real estate rental contract, a screen for entering the password set at the beginning appears. Once again 123..4…

Even though it’s monthly rent, I still have my first house in Blockcity. When the contract is completed, [“Assets are stored on the blockchain server. Click to check blockchain data. Rental Completed!!”] phrases are displayed. If you click [Click to check blockchain data], you will be connected to the blockchain explorer and you can also check the rental information recorded in the blockchain. Because rental information is stored in the blockchain, users can prevent item loss due to server errors or bugs in the game and enjoy playing the game in an environment where digital assets are guaranteed safely!

Today, we briefly looked into Blockcity’s real estate rental function, where data is linked to the blockchain. In the other series, we will cover various other blockchain functions applied to Blockcity. Blockcity is set to be released in the first half of this year, so please think of it as a preview before it is released.

Thank you.

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