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[March Week 4] Weekly Report

Hi guys! This is Team Protocon.

This is a weekly report that informs you of the main announcements and development status of Protocon every week. Check out this week’s updates below.

1. Protocon Mainnet Development Status

• Completed

1) Test Contract Model and update Wallet

- Created ‘Open wallet’ page

- Created Wallet Dashboard

• In progress

1) Test Contract Model and update Wallet

- Create Operation

- Create Sign

2) Link testnet and BlockSign

- Integration and testing with BlockSign service in an integrated contract model environment

3) Develop mitum-document Model

Create mitum-document test code

2. Blockcity Development Status

​• Completed

1) Design

- Complete all the monster designs planned.

2) Development

- Code review

- Manager Update (Gold and Item Allocation to Merchants)

- Stats, experiences, and levels are set.

- Table load modification (updated with server-side table data when connecting players)

- Applied gun table

3. BlockSign Development Status

• In progress

- Testing and debugging BlockSign_C

4. Protocon Wallet Development Status

• Completed

- Debugging Protocon Wallet App aOS 1.1.0

- Testing Protocon Wallet App iOS 0.2.3

• In progress

- Testing Protocon Wallet App aOS 1.1.0 (1)

- Debugging Protocon Wallet App iOS 0.2.3

- Planning and design Protocon Wallet website

- Check FeeFi requirement analysis and system design

5. Protocon General

• Completed

- Announcement of joining new advisor

- Whitepaper v 1.1.1 update

- Protocon is successfully audited by Certik

• In progress

- Protocon website renewal

- Publishing Protocon Yellow paper English version

- Issuance of PEN token

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