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[May Week 2] Weekly Report

Hi, this is Team Protocon.

This is a Weekly Report that comprehensively delivers the major announcements and development status of Protocon last week. Let’s check the development status together this week to see what updates are available.

1. Protocon Mainnet Development Status

• In progress

- FeeFi Contract Model development

- Contract Account design

2. Blockcity Development Status

​• Completed

1) Design

- Core

- Count & Round & Buckler shield

- Name correction to apply monster key value

2) Development

- Player basic and skill attacks

- Prepared demo service

- Updated warehouse and fixed bugs

- Applied monster models and animations

• In progress

1) Development

- Core

3. BlockSign Development Status

• In progress

- BlockSign_C receiver page development

- BlockSign_C issuer web service testing & debugging

4. Protocon Wallet Development Status

• In progress

- FeeFi service planning and policy establishment

5. Protocon General

• Completed

- Published Staking Pool Participation guideline

- Announced new advisor Sooman Choi

- Signed strategic partnership with Treasures Club

• In progress

- [Round 3] PEN Airdrop Event(Exclusive to Korean community)

- Publishing Yellow Paper part 2. Fact Hash

- Participating in Money Today Awards for Outstanding Companies

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