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[May Week 4] Weekly Report

Hi, guys~

This is a Weekly Report that comprehensively delivers the major announcements and development status of Protocon last week. Let’s check the development status together this week to see what updates are available.

1. Protocon Mainnet Development Status

• In progress

- Design FeeFi Model

- Design NFT Model

2. Blockcity Development Status

​• Completed

1) Design

- Modified the name and path of the block furniture key value

- Modified monster animation

2) Development

- Fixed and clean up table resource errors

- Fixed root box, warehouse, and free trader

- Code review and organization

• In progress

1) Development

- Core

3. BlockSign Development Status

• In progress

- Development and integration of BlockSign Receiver page

4. Protocon Wallet Development Status

• In progress

- Planning and policy establishment for FeeFi service

- Structure redesign of FeeFi service according to contract account development

5. Protocon General

​• Completed

- Published Yellow Paper part 2(Fact Hash)

- Announcement regarding Bytsmix PEN Airdrop Lockup

- Reward distribution for [Round 3]

• In progress

- Piggycell(by The Recharge) NFT Whitelist Event

- [4 Round] Get ready for next event

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Protocon is a combination of “protocol” and “Economy." Protocon Network is a blockchain project that aims to provide the infrastructure needed in the digital transformation era.

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Protocon, a Window into the Protocol Economy.

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