Monthly Update — December. 2022

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We wish all of you a Happy New Year!

The team at Protocon had time to look back and reflect over what happened over the year. 2022 was a very meaningful year as we’ve carried out and accomplished many duties such as being listed on global exchanges and developing dApp services. We hope 2023 will be a better year to deliver good news to you all!

Let’s take a look at what happened in December, 2022!

1. Protocon attends Blockfesta 2022

Protocon participated in Blockfesta 2022, which was hosted by Blockmedia, a company that specializes in blockchain technology and digital asset markets! This event discussed the future of Web3 such as digital assets, NFTs, and the metaverse. The leader of Protocon, Jeon Myeong-san, introduced Protocon by presenting changes in the blockchain paradigm along with examples of DeFi hacking, and cross-chain.

Looking back at Blockfesta 2022

2. Global Telegram — Chat Competition Event (Finished)

The Chat Competition that was held in Protocon’s Official Global Telegram Group was a success! The team selected the top 10 people who were the most active while leaving the most messages related to Protocon. We’ve distributed a total of $150 worth of PEN as a reward! We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in the event! We’ll come with new and better events for our community in the future.

3. Protocon Attends Taipei Blockchain Week 2022

Protocon attended Taipei Blockchain Week 2022 (TBW 2022) which was held in Taiwan! TBW 2022 was an event where blockchain industry experts could come together to educate and discuss how Taiwan-based blockchain communities can grow together. Team Protocon had a great time while meeting various experts and seeking opportunities for global partnerships at TBW 2022.

4. Bytesmix Wallet Ends Support of PEN

Bytesmix is no longer supporting Protocon(PEN). As previously announced, Bytesmix is no longer supporting PEN. As PEN isn’t visible nor withdrawable, please remember this fact.

5. PENFT x KuSwap Partnership

Protocon’s NFT series PENFT has formed a strategic partnership with KuSwap, a decentralized exchange based on KCC. Through the agreement, the two companies plan to expand marketing collaborations, exchange communities, and share information/technology/knowledge, and NFT-related ideas.

6. PENFT — KuSwap AMA

To commemorate the partnership between PENFT and KuSwap, the AMA event held through KuSwap’s official Telegram was successfully completed. Five people who left great questions in the AMA were selected and rewarded each with 5 POCO NFTs and $15 worth of PEN.

7. Santa POCO Sale Event (End)

To celebrate the Christmas season and partnership, a Santa POCO Sale was held. A total of 20/40 POCOs with Santa Hats were listed (stealth) on KuSwap’s NFT Marketplace during the event. The event was so popular that the event ended early. Holders of Santa Hat POCOs received $35 worth of $PEN as an additional reward.

8. End of 3rd Staking Pool w/The Recharge

The 3rd Staking Pool, which started last September, ended on December 25th. The Flexible Pool which opened in October is currently open and will be operating until January 13, 2023. Please enjoy the extra rewards and benefits as you participate!

The Recharge

9. POCO Verification Event (Finished)

To continue with the Christmas event, a POCO verification event was held. A total of 20 winners who have verified their POCO and shared their NFT on Twitter had the chance to win $10 worth of $PEN and 1 POCO NFT! Thank you for your interest and participation :)

10. Protocon Service Update Status

The updated details for December are as follows:

▶ Wallet

- Development of Extension Wallet

- Development of Astrone Wallet

▶ DeFi

- Development of Staking service (DeFi)

- Development of PepperFi

▶ NFT Project

- Create and Open PENFT Social Media Channels

- Channel Opening Event

- Partnership/KuSwap MOU & AMA

11. PEN TALK December

On every Thursday, Protocon writes a series known as ‘PEN TALK’, which talks about blockchain news of the week!

In December, there were multiple happenings such as BlockFi’s bankruptcy, USDD instability, Solana’s NFT DeGod & y00ts migrating to ETH/POLYGON, and more. In the future, we plan to talk about various topics through PEN TALK, so stay tuned!

[December Week 1] PEN TALK

[December Week 2] PEN TALK

[December Week 3] PEN TALK

[December Week 4] PEN TALK

[December Week 5] PEN TALK

12. TREND TALK December

TREND TALK covers various topics and trends of Web3!

In December, we featured Open Banking & Crypto, Reroll Mechanism, and Trump Digital Trading Cards!

Episode 4

Episode 5

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