Monthly Update — February. 2023

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Hello PEN Clubbers!

Team Protocon is participating in the world’s largest Ethereum community event, “SporkDAO Member — ETHDenver 2023.” Through this event, which runs until early March, we will have time to expand global partnerships and pursue various business collaborations. In addition, let’s take a comprehensive look at what news there was in February.

1. Real-time price integration of BscScan-$PEN

Real-time price information for $PEN has been integrated into BscScan. Now, you can directly check the value of PEN in “USD” and “BNB” on Overview-Price. In addition, the “USD” value based on the number of PEN you send or receive can also be checked in real-time on Transaction Details. The token price will be updated based on information in CoinMarketCap

Go to BscScan

2. Extension of Bibox PEN withdrawal deadline

Last month, in order to create a better PEN trading environment, Protocon (PEN) decided to delist from global exchange, Bibox. As a result, we had announced a deadline for PEN withdrawals in Bibox. However, reflecting the fact that PEN withdrawals were not smooth due to withdrawal restrictions at Bibox, we requested a second extension from Bibox for the existing withdrawal deadline.

The final withdrawal deadline is Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 01:00 KST. Users are strongly advised to transfer their PEN holdings to another exchange or personal wallet within the given period.

For those experiencing problems with withdrawals, please send an email with the title “[Bibox Withdrawal Issue]” to or the official Protocon Telegram channel, and the responsible party will check and provide a quick response.

3. First renewal of the official Protocon website

Protocon has a vision of building a transparent Web 3.0 community with users who aspire to a protocol economy. With the launch of the newly renewed official website, Protocon is taking its first step towards the Web 3.0 community. The official website will continue to be updated gradually, starting with the first renewal. For more detailed updates, please check the Protocon blog.

Protocon Official Website

4. Participating in ETHDenver 2023

Team Protocon is participating in the “SporkDAO Member — ETHDenver 2023,” an Ethereum community event with the largest and oldest history in the world. The event, held in Denver, Colorado, USA, will run for 10 days from February 24 to March 5, 2023. As a festival created to promote communication among experts, investors, and developers interested in decentralization/Web3, it boasts the largest scale in the world with various side events such as Livestream Presentations, Art Gallery, and BUIDLhub. The scale of the event can be felt just by looking at the programs prepared, not only business-related ones, but also yoga, childcare, and pet care programs.

Already, the spokesperson for the Protocon is having a meaningful time meeting blockchain experts from around the world and seeking partnerships. We plan to continuously update the news of MOUs that have been achieved, so please stay tuned for more updates. :)

5. Protocon Service Update

The updated details for February are as follows:

▶ Mainnet

- Updated CLI command of mitum currency v2 contract model

- Updated API of mitum currency v2 contract model

- Updated mitum2

- Migration of mitum currency extension v2 contract model

▶ General

- Deployed Protocon official website

Official Protocon Links