Monthly Update — January. 2023

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Hello PEN Clubbers!

Recently, PEN has decided to delist from the global exchange Bibox in order to create a better trading environment. Also, we will look into the news in January 2023 to see what happened as we open the door to the new year.

1. Token Allocation and Lock-up Plan for Protocon (PEN)

As various incidents and accidents have occurred in the virtual asset market, the importance of token circulation for each project has been once again discussed. Considering ecosystem construction and mainnet development, the team Protocon has officially announced the token allocation and the current circulation of PEN tokens. The token allocation has been designed with priority given to ensuring stable market anchoring and avoiding rapid fluctuations in token prices.


2. Beta Launch of PepperFi, Protocon’s DeFi Platform

PepperFi, a new decentralized finance (DeFi) platform developed by Protocon, has launched its beta service. PepperFi offers decentralized financial services including single/multi-token staking and LP token staking using digital assets. PEN holders can earn rewards by staking their PEN for a certain period. The platform plans to add more staking pools in the future and encourages active participation for diverse rewards. For more information, please check the Protocon blog.


3. PEN delisted from Bibox

To create a better trading environment for PEN, Protocon has decided to delist from global exchange Bibox. The PEN withdrawal will be closed on February 8, 2023, at 24:00 UTC+8, so please make sure to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, considering the withdrawal limit issues at Bibox exchange, a request has been made to raise the daily withdrawal limit only for users who have completed KYC at Bibox. For more information related to this, please check the Protocon blog.

4. Protocon Service Update Status

The updated details for January are as follows:

▶ Mainnet

- Telecommunications Technology Association(TTA) has completed the blockchain reliability verification test for the Protocon blockchain.

- Completed the development of Currency Contract Model V2

▶ DeFi

- Beta service launch of Pepperfi

▶ General

- Planning and Design of the official website of Protocon

- Protocon official SNS channel renewal

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