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“NFT Meta Korea 2022” Check out leader Jun’s presentation on Youtube

Hello, this is team Protocon.

Blockcity was first unveiled to the public at NFT META Korea 2022 held on the 22nd.

Protocon leader Jun Myung-san, who is currently active, gave a presentation under the theme of ‘Blockchain technology as infrastructure’ in the 2nd session (Topic: ‘Blockchain, becoming the infrastructure of the digital industry’).

In the presentation, leader Jun emphasized that “blockchain is the trust infrastructure technology of the digital society”.He also introduced that “Protocon is a blockchain project that can be applied to real industries by solving the problems of speed and usability of existing blockchains.” At the end of the presentation, Blockcity, a game with Protocon technology, was demonstrated in front of the public, leading to a positive response from the venue.

If you are curious about the interview, go to the link below 👇

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