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“NFT META Korea 2022” Protocon Airdrop and Block City NFT Reward Announcement!

Hello, this is Team Protocon.

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the airdrop and Blockcity NFT gift events held at NFT META Korea 2022.

100 PEN was paid through the Bytesmix wallet app as a reward for the event.

We sent the airdrop guidelines to the participants by email, and all payments were completed only for those who installed the Bytesmix app and completed membership registration and authentication.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Go to the official Telegram of Protocon👇🏼

In addition, ‘4 types of Block City Collection Animal NFTs’ were randomly drawn and sent to the winners.

Winners can check the delivered NFT by accessing OpenSea and logging in with the metamask account you submitted.

Note. How to check NFT in OpenSea👇🏼

Please check the list of winners at the link below.👇🏼

We will be back with another news and new events.👋

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Protocon is a combination of “protocol” and “Economy." Protocon Network is a blockchain project that aims to provide the infrastructure needed in the digital transformation era.

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