PepperFi Rebrands as ‘AstroneFi’, Ready for a New Beginning

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1 min readMar 22


Hello, PEN Clubbers!

We have an important announcement to make regarding the staking service PepperFi. PepperFi has been rebranded as ‘AstroneFi’. This update was carried out to integrate our products and achieve our goal of evolving into a comprehensive digital asset platform in the future.

Here’s a summary of the main points of this rebranding:

🤙 PepperFi is now called AstroneFi

😀 AstroneFi will integrate wallet services and continue to offer a more convenient staking service in the future

🏗️ With this rebranding, we will bring together the main products of Protocon and develop into an integrated platform in the future

Please look forward to the various features and services that will be unveiled at AstroneFi.

Visit AstroneFi here 👉

We will strive to provide a better user experience and improved service to our community through this rebranding. Please keep an eye on Protocon’s growth along with AstroneFi.

Thank you.

Team Protocon

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