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Play games and earn money? In-depth analysis of P2E games — Cyber Dragon

Hello, I’m Y, the Protocon editor!

Last time, we had time to learn about [Play Games and Earn Money? In-depth analysis of P2E Games-Splinterlands], which is Hearthstone of the blockchain game world. Did you all enjoy reading it? If you missed it, please click the link to check it out. This time, it’s a representative P2E game based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Let’s learn about Cyber Dragon. This game has been developed in China and has established itself as a representative of Metaverse-affiliated NFT games.

What kind of game is Cyber Dragon?

Image Credit: Cyber Dragon homepage

Cyber Dragon is an online game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is a kind of P2E game where players can mine gold coins through adventures, part-time jobs, and work after purchasing characters. In Cyber Dragon, players can generate profits by receiving BNX tokens and GOLD tokens as rewards. The overall storyline is easy to understand if you think of Diablo, and the ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the ultimate boss, Cyber Dragon. Tokens paid by players in the game accumulate as assets of Cyber Dragon’s treasure troves. Players who defeat the dragon can receive treasure trove rewards. Cyber Dragon is reborn and stronger, increasing the wealth of the treasure house, and waiting for the player to challenge again.

Preparation for Cyber Dragon Play

1)BSC wallet connection and asset preparation

Like any other P2E games, Cyber Dragon requires a cryptocurrency wallet connection. After connecting the metamask you are using first, several settings are required. As mentioned earlier, Cyber Dragon is a BSC-based game. Therefore, it is necessary to change the network setting of the metamask wallet to BSC. If you are curious, please check the contents below and add a new network.

Add a new network to Metamask

<Add a new network to Metamask>

-Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


-ChainID: 56

-Symbol: BNB

-Block Explorer URL:

Enter the above items and press Save to complete the BSC network addition. And add BNB and BNX through the Import Token menu. For smooth game play, I recommend you to keep BNB, which is paid as a fee, in your wallet.

2)Buying characters

To play Cyber Dragon, you need to purchase characters. There are two ways here.

First, character selection requires 1 BNX + 50 BUSD per recruitment. As of December 20, the price is about $123.65. Not too long ago, it was possible to draw in 1 BNX, but now it costs 50 BUSD more. Perhaps the fact that the market price of BNK has decreased a lot was reflected. Character selection is possible 5 times a day (reset is held at 13:00 Korean time). Characters purchased through the lottery are randomly assigned a stat. Characters with high stats can mine higher rates of gold.

Second, there is a way to purchase it at the market. For those who want to eliminate the uncertainty of random draw, it would be reasonable to purchase characters in the market. For those who simply aim to work or mine, it would be more economical to purchase cheap characters with low stats.

Image Credit: Cyber Dragon homepage, Level up conditions

3)Character growth

If you have recruited a character with an appropriate stat, it’s time to grow the character. The newly recruited characters start with level 1. GOLD and BNX are required to raise the level, and there is also a probability of failure for each section. Please note that if you fail, the character will disappear. The higher the character’s level, the more rewards you can get, and high levels of characters can get on the Cyber Dragon Leaderboard and you can get additional rewards.

Playing Cyber Dragon

Image Credit: Cyber dragon in-game capture, Recruit Hero

There are two main ways to make profits by playing Cyber Dragon.

First, how to dig up GOLD through mining using characters.

Second, how to fight monsters through adventures and get BX, GOLD, and items as trophies.

Cyber Dragon is a game, but it is rarely necessary for players to manipulate it, and it is a kind of neglected game, and the way to play it is very simple.

Cyber Dragon currently has three types of gameplay available.

Image Credit: Cyber dragon in-game capture, Part-time Job

1)Part-time Job (Gold Mining)

The first thing I’m going to introduce is Part-time Job. Part-time Job is the easiest way to play. It’s literally sending my character to my part-time job. Characters sent to part-time jobs automatically harvest GOLD. It is known that about 288 GOLD can be harvested per day, which can be seen as a profit of about $0.56 as of December 20.

Image Credit: Cyber dragon in-game capture, Daily Tasks

2)Daily Tasks (Gold Mining)

There are daily tasks that can be performed for each job. Currently, there are tasks dedicated to characters such as warriors, thieves, mages, and archers. In order to perform this task, the character’s main stat 86 or higher, the secondary stat 61 or higher, and level 2 or higher are required to enter. The amount of GOLD that can be mined per day varies depending on the main stat and level.

Image Credit: Cyber dragon in-game capture, Adventure


Finally, adventure. Players must pay a certain amount of gold as an admission fee to play the Adventure Mode. Through this, BNX and GOLD are being consumed. As a reward, a player can acquire additional BNX, GOLD, and even items. A higher reward than mining awaits.

Dual Token Economic System

Cyber Dragon has a dual-token economy system based on two tokens: BNX + GOLD.

Image Credit: CoinMarketCap BNX Chart
  • BNX(Binary X)

As Cyber Dragon’s governance token, BNX token holders have the right to vote on community governance and key game decisions. At the same time, if you hold BNX tokens, you can also receive regular gold airdrops.


A certain amount of BNX is required to create characters in the game, use the market, and enter small and some higher dungeons.

<How to buy?>

BNX tokens can be purchased from DEXs such as Pancake swap and Baby swap. There is another way. Within Metamask, BNB and BNX are interchangeable. Since BNB can be traded on the Binance Exchange, you can purchase a coin such as Ripple, which is easy to transfer to Binance, on a domestic exchange, and then transfer it to your Binance account. You can also sell Ripple in BNB on the Binance Exchange.

Image Credit: CoinMarketCap GOLD Chart
  • GOLD

GOLD is a token mainly used within the game.


Gold needs to be consumed in most scenarios in the game. For example, it is used by players to strengthen and level up their character, as well as to challenge dungeons and purchase items. Players can also use gold to hire other players’ characters to team up together.

<Market Price>

Initially, the market price of GOLD was between $0.005 and $0.008, which brought quick ROI to players who dominated the early market. However, as of December 20th, the price has dropped significantly to $0.0019 each. If there are readers who are considering entering the market, I hope you make a wise decision.

Don’t forget, Fees!

Blockchain-based games have one thing to watch out for. That’s the fee. Fees are likely to be incurred when drawing characters or mining. Also called ‘gas’. In Cyber Dragon, fees are based on BNB, and fees usually range from $0.38 to $1. Therefore, if you play the game without a clear plan, you will feel your wallet getting thinner.


This time, we had a brief overview of the popular P2E game Cyber Dragon. Many P2E games have disappeared due to the relatively low level of graphics and game composition. Cyber dragon is gaining huge popularity due to their high yields and easy gameplay. Building up solid content through continuous updates is probably one of the reasons.

As I continued the P2E game series, there were many users who made great profits when they entered the initial market, but as time passed, I could see that the rate of return decreased due to various factors such as inflation. Personally, I think the task of P2E games is to maintain a high initial entry amount and a constant rate of return. In addition, most of the P2E games have the title of a game, but lack fun elements or content. Because of this, the reality is that players often want to monetize rather than play games. Ultimately, it is my hope that games will be developed that harmonize well with various content and game elements that can be called real games.

Next time, we will talk about ‘Star Atlas’, a member of the Solana ecosystem. Please look forward to it!

That’s it for Editor Y.

※ Protocon team research is a research designed for reference to introduce various projects without encouraging coin purchases. We reveal that we are not encouraging/mediating/promoting investments in specific virtual assets mentioned. You are responsible for the investment, and the team Protocon has no legal responsibility for the loss caused by the investment.

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