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Play games and earn money? In-depth analysis of P2E games — Illuvium

Hello. This is editor K.

The P2E game series is coming to an end. Through this series, we looked at everything from the hot P2E games that have been booming for a while to the highly anticipated games that are about to be released. Last week we talked about Star Atlas, which has cinematic-quality graphics. Today, we are going to learn about “Illuvium”, an open world RPG game like Pokémon.

What is Illuvium?

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The Illuvium trailer, released in 2021, can be said to be of the Avengers level with a little exaggeration.

Official game trailer ► Illuvium: Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Since the game has not yet been officially released, there is not much information exposed other than the Illuvium website and white paper. But the trailer alone gave me a glimpse into how the game was played.

Many users who have seen the video have higher expectations for Illuvium as it appears to have high quality compared to the simple play method and graphics of existing blockchain-based games. With the advent of Illuvium, it seems that blockchain-based games will significantly improve the perception that the quality is low.


Illuvium is an open world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum blockchain. There are more than 100 Illuvials living in the alien world of Illuvium, each with a different orientation, class, and ability. Users will travel through vast and diverse landscapes to hunt and capture the god-like Illuvial. And finding the cause of the cataclysm on the shattered planet is the overall story of the game.


Illuvium was co-founded by two Warwick brothers, Kieran, a founder who started the world’s first OTC cryptocurrency exchange, and Aaron, a chief game designer, and development began in 2020. Currently, more than 75 multinationals are working as a team to develop and grow Illuvium.

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Illuvium, which is being discussed as the first AAA game on the Ethereum blockchain, is a P2E-based game that is becoming a hot topic these days. High-quality Illuvial, land, etc. are issued as NFTs, making it possible to generate profits through transactions. It is receiving a lot of attention in that it implements a system that allows transactions without gas/fees incurred in the transaction.

The Ethereum blockchain is known for its expensive and volatile fees as a chronic problem. Illuvium’s system that has solved this problem is highly anticipated.


Illuvium’s partnership with Immutable X makes a breakthrough in solving the gas problem. Immutable X is called the first Layer-2 for NFT on Ethereum. It uses ZK (Zero-Knowledge) rollup technology to speed up and enable users to trade NFTs without paying fees. Because it is an Ethereum Layer-2 chain, it also guarantees free compatibility between coins in the Ethereum chain. However, there are no transaction fees only within Immutable X. Transactions between Ethereum and Immutable X incur an Ethereum-based fee.

Illuvium is an unopened treasure, so it remains to be seen how these shortcomings will affect future projects.


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Unlike other games that require initial capital, Illuvium offers free play experience in certain areas. However, as with all games, you have to pay the cost to enjoy the game more. Due to the nature of the game, we can’t completely avoid the so-called swamp of “money.”


You can simply understand Illuvium as a Pokemon in the form of a team match. In battle, the difference from Pokemon is that users also become a team and engage in the fight directly.

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1) Catch the Illuvial while traveling.

2) Strategically use Illuvial for battle.

3) Battle the opponent in the battle arena and win.

4) Upgrade Illuvial.

5) Mining shards to capture more powerful Illuvials.

Users can control illuvials using crystal fragments called ‘Shards’ that can be mined on the surface of the planet. More than 100 Illuvials have different abilities, classes, and tendencies.

For example, there are Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Nature, and when Air and Water are combined, they can have a force equivalent to Nature. Types of classes include Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion, and Empath, and better synergy can be achieved when Fighter and Rogue are placed together.

Illuvium is a game that strategically organizes a team in consideration of various information from Illuvial and then leads to victory in the battle against the Illuvial or opponent to be captured.

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Illuvium needs to consider various conditions for play, such as using stronger shards to capture illuvials, strengthening users’ combat armor, treating exhausted illuvials to strengthen their stamina, or selecting appropriate weapons to strengthen synergy with illuvials to form a team battle.

In addition, users can spend time exploring the game world, or participate in daily quests or common storylines.


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According to the Illuvium website, Illuvium defines two tokens, ILV and sILV, as their default currency. It has a general structure classified into game ecosystem tokens and in-game utility tokens.

ILV, an ERC-20 token of the Ethereum blockchain, is an ecosystem governance token related to Illuvium. ILV has three main functions.

1) Governance: It is possible to vote on important policies or proposals of the Illuvium ecosystem.

2) Liquidity Mining: Used for staking and returns profits in ILV (or sILV)

3) Vault Distributions: By staking ILV, users can receive additional compensation for a certain portion of ILV through in-game revenue and fees (to be applied after the decentralized exchange Illuvidex is released)

sILV can be used as in-game currency such as travel and treatment. It can be obtained by staking ILV in the staking pool.

What will happen to Illuvium in the future?

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Illuvium is currently traded in more than 30 different markets, including Finance, KuCoin,, and Sushiswap. According to Coin Market Cap, as of January 19, ILV was $784.57 and 24-hour trading volume was $29,572,437.

Currently, the coin market cap ranking is 231st, and the real-time market capitalization is $506,232,966 USD. Illuvium hit a record high of $1,901.87 in December of the same year, starting with $62.86 in March 2021. Compared to that, it has fallen by almost a third of the price in a short time.

Illuvium has so far completed technologies such as initial prototypes, unreal engine switching, token smart contracts, and interest farming contracts V1. The public beta launch is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2022. Based on the white paper roadmap, it is expected to continue development expansion in the long run, with the mobile launch in 2022 and the second major Illuvium title in 2023.

Until now, there have been many evaluations that blockchain games lack a low level of graphics and game elements that can induce interest. If it is possible to generate profits while playing high-quality games, I will choose the latter game rather than the existing blockchain game without hesitation.

The aforementioned zero gas bill issue also seems to be an important viewing point on how it will affect the Illuvium ecosystem.

Today, we learned about the P2E game Illuvium, which is about to be released. With this episode as the last one, we will wrap up the P2E series. We will come back with interesting topics and more meaningful contents. Thank you.

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