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Please welcome our new Members!

Hi there👋

This is Team Protocon.

Protocon is laying the groundwork for our vision of building a protocol-based, automated economy.

We would like to inform you that new teammates have joined us to help develop Protocon’s core dApp service, BlockCity, Protocon wallet and achieve the roadmap.

  • MyungJin Ko Service Planner
  • MinJun Kim Game Illustrator
  • SeungHyun Lee Server Developer

Currently, the product team is planning and developing the core function of Protocon mainnet, FeeFi, and the Wallet service of Protocon. MyungJin Ko will be in charge of comparing and analyzing various services and supporting the product team as a service planner. The game team is developing Blockcity, a blockchain game based on Minecraft. With the help of MinJun Kim and SeungHyun Lee, we look forward to playing Blockcity as soon as possible!

We ask for your interest and support for the Block City and Protocon ecosystem that we will create together with our new teammates.

We are happy to have you aboard.

Team Protocon

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