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Protocon Monthly Update- December. 2021

Hello, this is Team Protocon.

The new year of 2022 has come. Happy New Year~

For Protocon, 2021 was a meaningful year with meaningful results such as attracting investment, signing MOUs with various partners, and different offline events. I would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has consistently supported us and try to deliver more significant results in 2022.

Here is the update for December, which will mark the end of 2021.

1. Protocon Juhn Myungsan announced in TechB conference ‘K-Blockchain in everyday life 2022’

Leader Juhn Myungsan of Protocon participated as a presenter at the “K-blockchain in everyday life 2022” event held on the 7th of last month.

“When asked if we could respond to various accidents or external attacks while serving blockchain applications, we couldn’t answer. And to do this, I thought I had no choice but to develop the mainnet myself.” said Juhn Myungsan, the leader of Protocon, who presented the theme of ‘Blockchain mainnet usable in the real industry’ in the first <The platform> session.

The presentation video and article can be found at the link below.

[Tech B CON] ‘K-blockchain in everyday life 2022’ video

Tech M article

2. High-Tech Information Data & AI №77 ‘Why Metabus and Game Industries Fall into NFT’ media reports

Protocon leader Juhn Myungsan’s personal column is on High-tech Information Weekly Data & AI Magazine №77 (page 2), which contains future technologies. Protocon leader Juhn Myungsan expressed his view on the tremendous growth and future of the NFT market, saying, “The claim that blockchain cryptocurrency is a means of speculation and a bubble has now disappeared due to the explosive spread of the NFT business.”

3. Protocon leader Juhn Myungsan interviewed with [Blockchain in Jeju] on ‘Necessity and Importance of Blockchain Mainnet’

Leader Juhn Myungsan of Protocon participated in the [2021 Blockchain in Jeju] event, which is an event held to introduce and share the diversity of blockchain technology used in various fields as a speaker.

Marking its third anniversary this year, the event will be hosted by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, where Juhn Myungsan, Protocon leader, had time to explain the value and necessity of the mainnet of blockchain original technology. In addition, he introduced Protocon DID, an identity verification service using blockchain technology, and BlockSign, a document management service, and also talked about the utilization of blockchain technology that can be used in various ways.

The interview video can be found at the link below.

[Blockchain in Jeju] ‘The Necessity of Blockchain Mainnet’ video

4. Official launch of mainnet for Crypworld with Protocon technology applied

On Dec. 24, Protocon announced that it would officially launch the mainnet of the Crypworld project to which Protocon technology was applied.

Crypworld is a blockchain based gold trading service that allows cryptocurrency transactions based on gold and spot assets as well as in-kind transactions. In combination with Metaverse, they are implementing a digital jeweler’s system. In Crypworld, the gold-based stable coin CWG is used as a major trading tool.

Protocon and Crypworld teams have been building this system for months and will continue to work closely to expand the technology and business of gold-based stable coins.

Fintech Times


SE Daily


5. High-tech Awards, Protocon wins grand Prize in ‘Blockchain Original Technology Development’.

Leader Juhn Myungsan of Protocon won the Grand Prize in ‘Blockchain Source Technology Development’ at the High Tech Awards, which discovers and encourages ICT people who have been running the company without wavering despite the two-year COVID19 Pandemic.

At this awards ceremony, which celebrated its 52nd anniversary this year, Protocon leader Juhn was honored with the award in recognition of the excellent technology of the self-developed mainnet with a data processing speed of up to 5,000 tps.

NSP News Agency

6. Inside Protocon Chapter 2. All about Blockchain Governance released on YouTube

The Inside Protocon series that is serialized through YouTube every week is now on. Its second theme, ‘All about Blockchain Governance English version’ has been uploaded.

Inside Protocon is a content that deals more deeply with the problems of the blockchain industry and solutions of Protocon, and key members of the Protocon deliver useful information on various topics every time. So far, the English versions of the second chapter ‘Blockchain Cases of Decision making Part 1.’, ‘Blockchain Cases of Decision making Part 2.’, and ‘Why Blockchain Governance is necessary’ have been uploaded. Please look forward to the new episode ‘Politics combined with technology’ which will be uploaded this Thursday.

If you’re curious about Protocon, press like, subscribe, and set notifications!

7. Protocon Technical Update

2021.12.04: mitum — patch; Solved DATA RACE in TestSTates/TestFailedSwtichingState

2021.12.08: mitum/mitum-currency — Applied new key, address design.

2021.12.09: mitum — patch; Deleted SetLogging from ConcurrencyOperationsProcessor

2021.12.09: mitum-js-util — Applied new key, address design. Create keypair with seed

2021.12.09: mitum-currency — Applied sync.Pool to the operation processor

2021.12.13: mitum — Changed Proposal to pass Operation itself instead of seal, organized valuehash.Hash

2021.12.13: mitum-currency — patch; Ignoring FoundError in OperationProcessor.SetProcessor, allowing transmission of some channels to fail

2021.12.21: mitum-java-util — Applied new key, address design, create keypair with seed

2021.12.24: mitum — restore command update

2021.12.28: mitum-py-util — Applied new key, address design, create keypair with seed

Currently, the Protocon’s development team continues to supplement and update the functions of the Mitum functions. In addition, please refer to the mitum currency document and the Protocon github repository to check the Mitum details.

8. Protocon’s dApp service ‘Blockcity’ game development status

We share the detailed development status of the Minecraft-based blockchain game, ‘Blockcity’.

· Design

- Armor and melee weapon modeling in progress

- Map building construction in progress

· Development

- Crafting table change in progress

- Work in progress to change the production method

- Player status UI work in progress

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