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Protocon Monthly Update — July. 2022

Hello, Protocon community members!

It is getting hotter and hotter day by day. Recently, there were news about many unfortunate accidents that have occurred in Europe due to the heat wave. Everyone should take care of their health well.😢

Let’s see what kinds of news were there in July.

1. 2022 AMA to settle the first half of the year (by CFO Liam Park)

In early July, Protocon conducted an AMA for the first half of 2022 to foster better communication with supporters. For the AMA, our newly participated CFO Liam Park gave answers to the questions.

A lot of users participated in the AMA, asking many questions about various topics. I hope the AMA were able to provide a meaningful opportunity for our community members who were curious about our project.

Stay tuned for the next AMA :)

2. NFT META Korea 2022 Participation

Myungsan Jun, the leader of Protocon, participated as a presenter in World Blockchain Summit Marvels 2022, “NFT META Korea 2022”. He participated in SESSION 3: Blockchain (10:50~11:40) and gave a presentation under the theme of <Blockchain, How will it become an infrastructure in the era of Web 3.0?>. You can watch the presentation video Here.

3. Protocon signed a partnership with BHO Network

Protocon signed a strategic partnership with the Layer 1 project ‘BHO Network’ to foster Layer 1 Alliance Initiative. We are planning to collaborate on the R&D of blockchain related technologies within the Asian Alliance, under the common theme of ‘Blockchain to daily life’ For more details, click here.

▶︎ Yahoo Finance

4. [Round 5] Twitter Event has been finished

The [Round 5] Twitter Event has finally ended and we will now announce the winners!

We were planning on also giving 200 PEN to an additional 20 random participants if we reached 20k followers on Twitter, but unfortunately, we came up just a bit short. However, the rest of the reward (20,200 TRX & 2,400 PEN in total) has been distributed to all the winners.

Thank you for your participation and congratulations to all the winners!

5. 2nd PEN Staking Pool Has Been Opened (Collab. w/ The Recharge)

We have opened a secondary PEN Staking service with a greater amount of reward! As always, this staking pool is provided from The Recharge and Charging Station, and there are two options; high yield and normal yield. For more details, click here.

6. Singapore Blockchain Week 2022 Participation

Following last June, Protocon participated in Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, where top experts in the blockchain industry gathered to discuss and present various opinions on the next level of digital transformation.

This event was also a large-scale event attended by 8,300 people from 68 countries. Like the partnership with the BHO network, you can expect to see what projects and partnerships Protocon can expand this time around!

▶︎ Cointelegraph

7. Completely unlocked PEN in Bytesmix wallet

We would like to inform you that the PEN tokens of the Bytesmix wallet have been unlocked and withdrawal has been activated. BNB tokens are required as a transaction fee when withdrawing, so please add a Binance Coin(BNB) wallet to Bytesmix in advance and send a small amount of BNB to the wallet address. (more than 0.004 BNB recommended) Check out the detais in Protocon Medium.

8. Protocon Mainnet Development Status

Development updates in the month of July are as follows.

▶ Mainnet

- FeeFi Model development

- Contract Model Test Wallet update

- Mitum Model Javascript SDK update

▶ Blockcity

1) Design

- 17 kinds of mastery icon

- Map

2) Development

- Test and bug fixes

- Core

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