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Protocon Monthly Update- June. 2021

Hello. This is Team Protocon.

June has arrived. From this month, we will deliver updates on the technical part along with internal and external news of Protocon. So let’s go and check it out.

1. New team members join Protocon

New team members have joined Protocon.

Heo Sung, the new leader of the Protocon business planning team, has joined us. Based on his solid experience in the financial field, we hope that it will greatly help the proliferation of the protocol-based digital economy that we plan to build.

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In the game development team, there was a new recruitment of illustration designer Kim Seong-woo. Based on the rich capabilities accumulated in the game industry, we expect to lead the popularization of blockchain through the launch of BlockCity with Protocon.

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Welcome to Team Protocon!

2. Disclosure of Token Allocation

The token allocation of Protocon has been revealed. A total of 5 billion PEN tokens are issued, and are allocated as follows in consideration of securing development continuity, mainnet operation and ecosystem construction. Please check here (page 60) for details.

3. Protocon Roadmap Update

Ahead of the second half of 2021, the roadmap of Protocon has been newly updated.

Through this roadmap, the outlines of mainnet token issuance, Protocon wallet launch, FeeFi function addition, and dApp token issuance are gradually being revealed. In particular, the data storage and management application BlockSign is about to open as a BETA version in the third quarter of this year. The first phase of BlockSign is scheduled to be officially released in the fourth quarter after undergoing bug testing.

The Protocon roadmap can be found on our website.

👉 [Protocon Roadmap Tour]

4. Protocon, White Paper 1.0 Official Release

Protocon White Paper 1.0 has been officially issued.

This White Paper adds a new DID model following the existing token model, fee model, data model, digital asset model and voting model. The DID model is a model that is not controlled by a central system and can be implemented in which individuals have complete control of their information. Also, specific information about PEN token distribution volume was included.

The Protocon White Paper will continue to be updated at the Website as Protocon technology develops, so please look forward to the Protocon Team’s move!

5. Protocon releases a video containing the project vision

The newly released video contains the vision that Protocon will unfold.

It includes: a self-developed mainnet implementation Mitum, Model that will be used in various industries, and a roadmap for future development.Through this video, I hope that Protocon’s goal of building a protocol-based society and a self-operated digital economy is well conveyed to you. Through the realization of the roadmap, we will take steps to make blockchain technology gradually melt into our lives. Please look forward to the future that Protocon will draw, a window that illuminates the future.

Now, we begin our Journey.

👉 [Go to watch a Video]

6. Protocon MOU with dmain to explore blockchain business.

Protocon has signed a strategic partnership memorandum of understanding (MOU) with dmain to explore various business opportunities related to blockchain technology. Through this agreement, the two companies will cooperate in finding new businesses and developing solutions to protect copyright holders’ rights and interest. We look forward to seeing good results from both companies.

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7. Protocon X BTS-WALLET, signed an agreement to promote blockchain technology cooperation

On June 17th, Protocon held an agreement with ICNCAST, an IT solution development company that operates the DID platform called “BTS-WALLET” to sign a strategic alliance understanding agreement (MOU) to promote DID technology-related business opportunities and cooperation projects. According to this agreement, the two companies will cooperate to develop and spread DID services and provide DID solutions. We hope there will be good results for both companies.

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8. HiTech Weekly Data & AI Magazine (№55)

The news of Protocon was published in Weekly Data & AI Magazine №55 (page 25), which contains high-tech information and future technologies. It contains news related to the MOU recently signed with dmain and BTS Wallet.

9. Technical Updates

2021.06.05 — Added deploy command and storage set-blockdatamaps command to Mitum-currency.

2021.06.09 — The hint system for managing types in Mitum has been updated.

Recently, the development team of Protocon is continuously supplementing and updating the functions of Mitum. For more information about Mitum, please refer to the mitum currency document (

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