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Protocon Monthly Update — March. 2022

Hi~ This is Team Protocon.

The first quarter of 2022 has already come to an end. Time flies so fast, isn’t it?

These days, we publish a weekly report, a new content, every week, and frequently deliver the news of Protocon. Let’s take a look at the news in March, the last of the first quarter of 2022.

1. Protocon global community integration (Closed KakaoTalk open chat)

To revitalize the Protocon community, the previously operated Protocon KakaoTalk open chat has been transferred to Telegram. Accordingly, the open chat of Protocon KakaoTalk was closed as of March 4th.

The KakaoTalk open chat, which was opened in the first half of last year and served as a communication channel with Korean supporters, has disappeared into history, but we will continue to deliver good news through the newly opened Protocon official Telegram.

▶ Telgram(Global):

▶ Telegram(English):

▶ Announcement(Global):

▶ Announcement(Korea):

2. “NFT META Korea 2022” Protocon Airdrop and Block City NFT

On February 22, Protocon participated in the “NFT META Korea 2022” event where you can directly see and experience the current blockchain, NFT, and metaverse syndrome in 2022. Through this event, we operated an experience zone where the public can directly experience Protocon’s blockchain game, Blockcity, and held an event to provide PEN airdrops and Blockcity NFT collections to participants. 100 PEN rewards were paid to all event participants, and Block City NFTs were delivered to 20 people through a lottery in the first week of March. Information regarding the lottery can be found on Protocon Medium.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.​

3. [Inside Protocon] All about Blockchain Governance (Part 3) released!

Time to dissect everything about Protocon, INSIDE PROTOCON!

All about Blockchain Governance came to an end with the final upload of Part 3 of the second chapter, Part 3, which deals with the blockchain governance structure (Analysis of governance components, Political structure of various blockchains, and Protocon Governance).

Inside Protocon will return to CMO Jake’s blockchain governance analysis video with new and informative content. Videos related to Protocon, including Inside Protocon, can be found on Protocon YouTube.

4. Started new series, PEN TALK

Every Thursday, we started the ‘PEN TALK’ series introducing Protocon’s blockchain technology and DApp service.

Starting with major domestic and international news, we are currently introducing a Minecraft-based blockchain game, Blockcity, and briefly reviewing the blockchain technologies that operate in the game. We plan to freely discuss various topics through PEN TALK in the future, so we ask for your interest.

[March Week 2] PEN TALK

[March Week 3] PEN TALK

[March Week 4] PEN TALK

5. Introducing Protocon’s new advisor, Prof Jeong, Jihoon!

Prof. Jeong has contributed to the success and development of blockchain projects by working as an advisor/supporter for a number of projects such as Metamui Blockchain, Treasures Club, Soulfiction, and Voiceverse.

You can check more details about this on the Protocon Medium.

We are happy to have you aboard.

6. Protocon Whitepaper v.1.1.1 Updated

Protocon White Paper has been updated to v1.1.1

In this update, there have been changes related to the terms and distribution ratio in Token Allocation. This update is a measure for more efficient management in each area. You can check more details about this on the Protocon Medium.

Protocon Whitepaper (English)

Protocon Whitepaper (Korean)

7. Protocon is successfully audited by CertiK

We are pleased to announce that our smart contract for the PEN Token has been audited by CertiK, the leading blockchain auditing firm.​

The security of Protocon is our highest priority. To ensure full functionality, stability, and security for users, Team Protocon conducted a full contract security audit with Certik. In this auditing process, a comprehensive examination was performed, utilizing Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques.

Audit report by CertiK

8. Protocon releases first YellowPaper describing ‘Contract Model’

31th March, The first YellowPaper describing the Protocon Contract Model, an alternative technology of Smart Contracts, has finally been released. This YellowPaper covers a general introduction of the “Contract Model”, as well as a description of the model’s specifications and features.

Starting with the first version of Protocon YellowPaper, additional technical documents will be released in the future, so we hope to catch your attention.

Protocon YellowPaper (English)

Protocon YellowPaper (Korean)

9. Development Status of Protocon Mainnet / dApp

The development completed in March is as follows.

▶ Mainnet

- Update javascript sdk

- Upgrade protocon contract model

- Update protocon testnet

- Update protocon explorer

- Link Blockcity game and contract model

- Development of tool for contract model test

▶ Blockcity

1) Design

- Planning & listing design resources

- Armor modeling, a total of 10 design work

- Some design work such as plants, trees, NPCs, cubes, furniture, drops, animals, etc.

- Fix table error items

- Complete all the monster designs planned

2) Development

- Monster animation and AI

- Update Mitum library

- Live server settings

- Added version control and build management

- Minor bug fixed

- Code review

- Stats, experiences, and levels are set

▶ BlockSign

- BlockSign_C, Planned and changed the design of the membership registration process

- Planning and design of BlockSign introduction page

- Planning BlockSign admin and design Website

▶ Protocon Wallet

- Testing & debugging Protocon Wallet App aOS 1.1.0

- Testing & debugging Protocon Wallet App iOS 0.2.2

- Testing Protocon Wallet App iOS 0.2.3

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