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Protocon Monthly Update — May. 2022

Hello. This is Team Protocon.

Protocon is listed on the global exchange DigiFinex following Bibox!🎉

We are holding various events to celebrate the listing, so please pay a lot of attention.🤗

Now, let’s take a look at the news in May.

1. Welcome to Protocon, NEW ADVISOR Sooman Choi

Advisor Choi is an IT expert who served as the Director of Daejeon Technopark, which leads the innovative growth of industries and companies in Daejeon. He will give the direction and legal advice necessary for Protocon to pioneer the blockchain business.

We are happy to have you aboard.

▶︎ ZDNet

2. Protocon signed a strategic partnership with Treasures Club

The public blockchain project, Protocon has signed a strategic partnership with ‘Treasures Club’, a collectible art NFT brand, for blockchain-related technological alliances and business expansion. Treasures Club plans to continue cooperation on technology and business development, such as building a dedicated sidechain in line with the launch of Protocon’s mainnet, and issuing its own tokens and NFTs.

▶︎ Fintech Times

3. Protocon X The Recharge Collaboration Airdrop Event (End)

On the 13th, as a surprise event, we brought you the news of the collaboration airdrop event between Protocon and The Recharge. It was an event that provided RCG tokens to PEN holders and PEN tokens to RCG holders as a reward. Based on the BscScan snapshot, we selected the top 1,000 accounts with PEN tokens held and gave 1 RCG as a reward.

Through this collaboration event, Protocon will keep a strong relationship with The Recharge and continue to collaborate in various ways, so please look forward to it

4. SIT, the main developer of Protocon, has been selected as the best blockchain company two years in a row

SIT, the main developer of Protocon, won the “Excellent Technology Award” in the blockchain category at the “2022 8th Korea Excellent Company Awards’ hosted by ‘Money Today’. SIT has been selected as the best blockchain company two years in a row. Thank you very much!

▶︎ Money Today

5. Protocon released the Second Yellow Paper ‘Fact Hash’

Following Protocon’s first Yellow Paper describing the Contract Model, we present the second Yellow Paper describing Fact and Fact Hash, the heart of the Protocon network and the core elements of the data processing of the Mitum blockchain. This paper introduces and defines the concepts of Fact and Fact Hash first presented in the blockchain industry, and describes their characteristics and utility.

▶︎ Protocon Yellowpaper (KOR)

▶︎ Protocon Yellowpaper (ENG)

▶︎ Hankyung (KOR)

▶︎ Benzinga (ENG)

6. PEN in Bytesmix have been unlocked

Withdrawal has been activated upon unlocking PEN within the Bytesmix wallet. You can check the details of the transfer limit and transfer fee when withdrawing from the Protocon Medium.

7. TRX & PEN Airdrop event to Celebrate the first Listing of Protocon (End)

In April, the [Round 3] TRX & PEN airdrop event to commemorate the listing of Bibox on the global exchange was successfully concluded. A total of 1,000 people received 30 TRX each, and 500 PEN was given to the top 10 first-time winners. Winners can be found on the Protocon Medium.

8. PiggyCell(by The Recharge) X Protocon NFT Whitelist Event (End)

We hosted the “PiggyCell NFT Whitelist” event to celebrate the 2nd NFT edition by The Recharge. Especially for the Protocon community, 5 people were given the benefit of being able to receive PiggyCell NFTs. Winners can be found on the Protocon Medium. Congratulations to all the winners :)

9. Now OPEN! Procoton Guidebook

Finally, The Protocon Guidebook page has been opened now! The Protocon Guidebook provides various guides (wallet installation and user guide, staking guide, how to use PEN listed exchanges, etc.) as well as the status of events in progress or completed by the Protocon team.

▶︎ Protocon Guidebook

10. Protocon (PEN) listing on DigiFinex

Following the listing on the Bibox Exchange in April, Protocon (PEN) will be additionally listed on DigiFinex, a global top exchange based in Singapore. DigiFinex, launched in 2018, is the largest global cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore, with 4 million users in 217 countries, and the world’s top 10 trading volume and liquidity.

▶︎ Start trading PEN in DigiFinex

11. [Round 4] Celebrating Protocon(PEN)’s 2nd listing : Staking Double Chance!

Celebrating the 2nd listing of PEN! Grab your “Double Staking Chance”

Two events will be held simultaneously for new and existing staking participants, and a total of 33,500 PEN will be rewarded to up to 100 people. For more information, check out the Protocon Medium, and grab your chance!

12. Protocon Mainnet and service development status

The developments completed in May are as follows.

▶ Mainnet

- Contract Account Prototype Model development

▶ Blockcity

1) Design

- Core

- Weapons, Armors, Furniture, Blocks, Potion, Food

- Name correction to apply block furniture and monster key value

- Modified monster animation

2) Development

- Fixed other bugs

- Prepare for demo service

- Applied monster models and animations

- Fixed root box, warehouse, and free trader

- Updated Player attacks and Experience UI

- Fixed and clean up table resource errors

- Code review and organization

▶ BlockSign

- BlockSign_C issuer web service testing & debugging

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