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Protocon Monthly Update- November. 2021

Hello. This is Team Protocon.

The end of 2021 has already come.

In November, after “Korea 4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul” in October, Protocon participated in the second offline event through “NFT BUSAN 2021”. We would like to express my gratitude to all the supporters who directly visited our booth and to all those who showed great interest online as well.

Here is the updated news for the month of November.

1. Protocon, participating in the largest festival in South Korea, ‘NFT BUSAN 2021’.

Public blockchain project Protocon participated in ‘NFT Busan 2021’, the largest festival in Korea in the field of NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

‘NFT Busan 2021’ is an NFT festival hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and organized by the Busan Blockchain Industry Association, in which blockchain-related companies and NFT projects at the forefront of the industry participated and conferences involving domestic and foreign speakers were held. In addition, it provided a variety of attractions such as famous artist exhibitions, auctions, NFT experience events, and startup IR.

In particular, Protocon received a positive response by holding a lottery event for the Block City NFT collection. You can check the news of NFT Busan participation and articles about the Block City NFT collection through the link below.

Fintech Times

Block Media


Money Today

2. NFT BUSAN 2021 visit and Protocon booth video released

In the first week of November, ‘NFT BUSAN 2021’, where you can experience the NFT/BLOCKCHAIN/METAVERSE digital new world, Protocon successfully completed the second offline event. It was a valuable experience to visit the booths of other projects and learn about the trends of the NFT market and learn about the booth experiences and improvements. You can check the 1st and 2nd episodes of the ‘NFT Busan 2021’ visit through the link below.

Protocon to participate in ‘NFT BUSAN 2021’ — Part 1

Protocon to participate in ‘NFT BUSAN 2021’ — Part 2

If you are curious about Protocon’s booth news and friendly Protocon staff, who participated in ‘NFT BUSAN 2021’, where abundant programs such as NFT experience zone, artist invitation exhibition hall, corporate booth, NFT auction, startup IR, and 1:1 meetup were operated. You can check the video through the official YouTube.

[Outside Protocon] “NFT BUSAN 2021” Protocon booth visit video!

3. ASSA Karaoke, Global Expansion via Blockchain and Metaverse… Signed a MOU with Protocon

On the 9th, Protocon signed an MOU for technical cooperation with ASSA Play, a music entertainment service well known for its ‘Magic Sing ASSA Karaoke’.

Myungsan Juhn, leader of Protocon, said, “At the time when metaverse and blockchain started to be combined in earnest, we are happy to enter the global market together with a cultural content company with 7 million users around the world. We will support it so that it can grow into a global service,” he said.

You can check the article through the link below.

Fintech Times

Money Today


Block Media

4. Inside Protocon 2, Blockchain governance full.ver released on YouTube

Inside Protocon series that is serialized through YouTube every week is now on. Its second theme, ‘Blockchain Governance, Why need it? — full ver.’ has been uploaded.

Inside Protocon is a content that deals more deeply with the problems of the blockchain industry and solutions of Protocon, and key members of the Protocon deliver useful information on various topics every time. So far, all of the parts of the second chapter, ‘Blockchain Governance, Why need it?(KR)’ has been uploaded. From next week onwards, the English version will be on so please give it a lot of attention.

If you’re curious about Protocon, press like, subscribe, and set notifications!

5. Protocon Leader. Myungsan Juhn, “We will release the world’s top 10 ‘Korean version of Ethereum’ based on market capitalization”

Leader Juhn revealed bold aspirations and visions in an interview with the Korea Economic Daily.

Leader Juhn mentioned, “In the past three years, about 15 mainnet projects in Korea have mostly disappeared due to high technical barriers and lack of business feasibility.” In addition, he said, “Overseas companies invest about 5 years in the development of mainnet core technology. However, Protocon has advanced the development period to 2 years”.

The Korea Economic Daily

6. Protocon Leader. Myungsan Juhn, presented at NFT META Seoul 2021

On the 25th, ‘The 13th World Blockchain Summit MARVELS — NFT META Seoul 2021’ was held under the theme of ‘The Age of Digital Discovery’ with experts from each field of blockchain, NFT, and metaverse.

Protocon Leader Myungsan Juhn made a presentation. “Without blockchain source technology in the digital society, we may not be able to respond to national emergencies such as KT network outage,” he said. “”Blockchain technology should be recognized as one of the national infrastructure technologies,” he argued. In addition, he urged attention from the government and industry, saying, “In order to maintain stable national infrastructure in the digital society, blockchain original technology is essential.”

Fintech Times

Block Media

Blockchain Today

Money Today

7. Protocon Technical Update Status

2021.11.10: mitum — consensus state — handover error patch

2021.11.14: mitum/mitum-currency — hint suffix exchange (: -> ~)

2021.11.14: mitum-currency — zero account support

2021.11.15: mitum — storage clean-by-height command added

2021.11.16: mitum-js-util — mitum@0.0.6 released

2021.11.22: mitum-currency — suffrage-inflation operation 추가, currency api: missing genesis_account error patch

2021.11.24: mitum — new ballot design applied

2021.11.28: mitum-currency — PreProcess(), Process() ReasonError return error patch

Currently, the Protocon’s development team continues to supplement and update the functions of the Mitum functions. In addition, please refer to the mitum currency document and the Protocon github repository to check the Mitum details.

8. Protocon’s dApp service “Blockcity” game development status

Below is the added detailed development status of Minecraft-based blockchain game Blockcity.

· Development.

- Developing a crafting system.

- GUI work in progress.

- Preparing for BlockSign key generation.

- Getting ready to change the size of the NPC.

· Server.

- Completed NPC work (voting, representative authority system, quest-related NPC, etc.)

· Design.

- Block texture modification is ongoing.

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