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Protocon Monthly Update- October. 2021

Hello, this is Team Protocon.

It’s already November and the daily temperature range has widened considerably.

October was even more special because of Protocon’s first offline event. Thank you for your support and expectations, and we will always be a team Protocon that shows improvement.

This is the updated news of October.

1. Protocon “Korea’s 4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul” participation & on-site airdrop event.

The “4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul,” where you can feel the current status and future of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Korea, ended successfully. The festival, which was held at COEX D Hall for three days from October 6th to 8th, was a valuable time to promote the excellent mainnet technology of Protocon.

For those who visited the Protocon exhibition booth at the site, Protocon held a “special PEN Airdrop event.” In accordance with the Airdrop Guide, PEN coins were paid only to those who installed the Bytesmix app and completed both mobile phone and e-mail authentication.

Thank you again for visiting the Protocon booth and participating in the event.

2. Media reports that “Protocon Mainnet attracts strategic investment from Crypto-specialized fund Blockwater.”

Protocon has attracted strategic investment from Crypto-specialized fund Blockwater.

Blockwater is a crypto hedge fund that invests and advises related industries such as cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, leading the investment of about 30 blockchain projects such as EOS, Fantom, and Bifrost, and was in charge of consulting Supertree’s PlayDapp(PLA) token sale.

Blockwater’s CEO Issac Lee said, “Protocon is a project that directly developed blockchain original technology, and we judged that it has enough technology and experience to compete in the global mainnet market.”

You can check the article through the link below.




Naeil News

3. Protocon Myungsan Juhn leader interviews “Preparing for the era of digital transformation by building a blockchain infrastructure.”

An interview article of Protocon leader, Myungsan Juhn was reported in Tech42 which is a Digital & Business Media that pursues AI-based tech journalism.

Leader Myungsan Juhn said in an article that he has a unique competitiveness from other projects since Protocon has the original blockchain mainnet technology developed on its own and introduced about Social Infra Tech, the main developer of Protocon. In addition, he revealed that his goal is to promote specific functions of Blockcity and BlockSign and make Protocon be at least one of the global top 10 projects.

You can check the article through the link below.


4. Media reports “Blockchain Protocon introduces mainnet Mitum and three types of dApps”

Articles on Protocon participating in the “Korea’s 4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul” event have been reported through various media.

Through this event, Protocon introduced a future in which an automated economic system is implemented in everyday life through Blockchain Game Blockcity, which is applied with ▲ Safety and Scalability, ▲ Blockchain-based integrated document management service BlockSign ▲ Distributed Identification Infrastructure Service Protocon DID ▲ Minecraft based blockchain game Blockcity.

You can check the article through the link below.

ZDNet Korea


Block Media

5. “Korea’s 4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul” Protocon booth video released.

A video of the Protocon booth at the 4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul, which was held at COEX D Hall for three days from October 6 to 8, was released.

Visit <”Korea’s 4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul” Protocon booth Review (KR)> on Protocon’s official YouTube to find out kind explanations from Protocon staff and on-site Airdrop events.

We will try to share good news with you through more outside activities in the future.

6. Protocon Network Technical Update Status

2021.10.04: mitum — QuicClientCommand added

2021.10.07: mitum-currency — API Update(/accounts): account inquiry through public key

2021.10.15: mitum-js-util — ether public key generate patch

2021.10.20: mitum-currency — create accounts/transfers max item patch

2021.10.29: mitum-data-blocksign — mitum-currency update applied

Currently, the Protocon’s development team continues to supplement and update the functions of the Mitum functions. In addition, please refer to the mitum currency document and the Protocon github repository to check the Mitum details.

7. Protocon’s dApp service “Blockcity” game development status

We share the newly added development status of Minecraft-based blockchain game Blockcity.

(1) Client

  • Adding gun details (if additional directing or functions needed)
  • New monster added ( Custom model, attack pattern, etc.)
  • Player interface (stats, status, and progress displayed)
  • Custom recipe. (Gun making, parts making, etc.)
  • Link player data between plug-in and mode
  • Table tool (if additional functions such as Minecraft basic Json file generation, SVN, etc.)

(2) Server

  • The function of the secretary of the kingdom (tax rate adjustment, tower arrangement, voting, etc.)
  • Tower
  • Production recipe
  • Local restriction functions (breaking, building, etc.)
  • Monster skin
  • Vault (bank)
  • Badge system
  • Land system
  • Guild
  • Citizenship
  • Linking blockchain
  • Linking table

(3) Design

  • Making construction material blocks

8. Inside Protocon ‘Let’s find out what blockchain governance is — Part 1.’ released

Inside Protocon series that is serialized through YouTube every week is now on. Its second theme, ‘Blockchain Governance, Why need it? Part 1. Let’s find out what blockchain governance is’ has been uploaded.

Inside Protocon is a content that deals more deeply with the problems of the blockchain industry and solutions of Protocon, and key members of the Protocon deliver useful information on various topics every time. ‘Part 2. How does blockchain governance work?’ will be uploaded this Friday, so please give it a lot of attention.

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