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Protocon Monthly Update — September. 2022

Hello, PEN Clubbers! :)

Last September marked the first step of Protocon’s first NFT series, POCO NFT! Many of you have been wondering about the NFT as there isn’t much time left until we officially release the project. We will also notify you all about all internal and external affairs and news that happened in September.

A collaboration event was held with BitKeep, a new partner of Protocon. This event was held to commemorate the partnership with BitKeep. A total of $6000 worth of PEN was provided as airdrop rewards. As we plan to hold more diverse events in the future with new partners and projects regarding marketing aspects, we ask for your interest and attention.

Protocon has signed a strategic partnership for mutual cooperation with Regtank, a Singapore-based blockchain risk solution provider. The two companies plan to maximize synergy by combining the Protocon ecosystem with Regtank security solutions, and expand marketing cooperation and business areas. Through this partnership, we will be able to complement the technical aspects of the project by exchanging information, technology, and knowledge with each other. In-depth information can be found on our previous Medium post and blog.

Last month, Protocon’s mascot POCO, was first mentioned through the naming contest and was finally revealed to the world. POCO has a cute appearance and gives off a friendly and familiar vibe. POCO is the First Edition NFT of Protocon. Various benefits and utilities come with POCO NFT. As POCO minting site will soon be available, we ask for your support and interest! A detailed description of POCO can be found on our Medium.

Jun, the leader of Protocon, participated in a policy debate held by the congress on the theme of <How Should We Deal With Crypto ICO> as a blockchain industry leader! With many congress members and stakeholders in the law/blockchain industry adding to the occasion, the debate members have joined to discuss the current blockchain/cryptocurrency industry and future. Protocon’s leader Jun discussed South Korea’s listing and offering in addition to an in-depth examination and path of Protocon on the theme of ‘Being listed as a mainnet in Korea’.

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As the second staking pool had ended, the third pool had opened. The new staking pool will be provided by ‘The Recharge, Charging Station’ as always. Pen holders, participate in the pool, and claim the reward! You can check the details here.

Starting from last month, Protocon has been releasing POCO NFT legendaries on a weekly basis. Holders of the legendary POCO (Angel, Devil, DJ, Hero, and King) will be given with special benefits. In addition to the release, NFT Whitelist Event is also ongoing, so participate in the mission and take your chance to be the owner of an adorable POCO NFT.

Development Status for September is as below.

▶ Mainnet

- MITUM FeeFi Model Update

- MITUM NFT Model Update

- MITUM Javascript SDK Update

- Protocon Explorer Update

▶ BlockSign

- BlockSign QA

▶ DeFi

- DeFi Service Research

- DeFi Service Planning & Defining Requirements

▶ NFT Project

- Making POCO Introducing Contents

- NFT Attributes and Parts Development

- NFT Marketing Planning

- NFT Benefits Planning

- Legendary Release

- NFT WL Event Winners Announcement

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