Protocon Official Website 1st Renewal

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2 min readFeb 24


Hello, PEN Clubbers!

Protocon aims to establish a decentralized protocol economy through the public mainnet. To achieve this goal, building a community that supports Protocon is also an important element. Protocon, which has been focused on mainnet technology development, is starting a leap for building a Web3 community with the newly renewed official website.

Protocon is an interconnected ecosystem that provides fairness and transparency to everyone based on Web 3.0 Layer 1 public blockchain platform. All users participating in the Protocon ecosystem can obtain fair and proper values according to their contributions. Protocon aims to build a transparent Web 3.0 community together with users who pursue protocol economy.

The Protocon official website has been updated with new slogans, mission statements, Enterprise Mainnet, and roadmap modifications in accordance with the direction that Protocon pursues.

Please check the detailed updates below:

✔️ UI/UX updates

✔️ Slogan & mission updates

✔️ Menu composition updates

✔️ PEN Token real-time information updates

✔️ News & Events content updates

✔️ Team joining updates

✔️ Roadmap schedule updates

We hope for a lot of interest and anticipation for the upcoming modifications that will be updated.

Team Protocon

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