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Protocon participates in NFT BUSAN 2021, Blockcity NFT collection draw event is coming soon!

A few days later, the NFT BUSAN 2021 exhibition will begin at 4A-4C on the first floor of BEXCO’s second exhibition hall in Busan from 11/4(Thr) ~ 11/6(Sat) 10:00 to 17:00.

Protocon’s booth is located on the left side of the 1:1 meet-up and NFT BUSAN 2021 booth, so please refer to the layout below.

At this event, rare Blockcity NFT collection draw events, a blockchain game of Protocon, will be held every day, and Protocon goods will be given 100% to all visitors, so please pay a lot of attention.

Details of the event will be revealed on site.
Get the chance to become the star of Block City’s NFT collection at Protocon Booth!⭐️
You can register at 1st floor of BEXCO’s 2nd Exhibition hall 4A-4C.

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Protocon is a combination of “protocol” and “Economy." Protocon Network is a blockchain project that aims to provide the infrastructure needed in the digital transformation era.

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