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Protocon (PEN) listing on DigiFinex

Hi Protocon Fam!

We are thrilled to announce a new listing.

Following the listing on the Bibox Exchange in April, Protocon (PEN) will be additionally listed on DigiFinex, a global top exchange based in Singapore.

To celebrate the listing, we are preparing a special event and will inform you tomorrow. DigiFinex will be holding an additional event for PEN holders, so we hope for your interest and participation. Please check the official listing announcement of DigiFinex to be announced around May 27th for detailed schedule and information.

About DigiFinex

DigiFinex, launched in 2018, is the largest global cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore, with 4 million users in 217 countries, and the world’s top 10 trading volume and liquidity.

More about DigiFinex👇

Protocon is continuously reviewing additional listings to expand the PEN ecosystem and create an environment where PEN token holders can trade more safely and conveniently.

Thanks again for your continued support and there’s much more to come!


Team Protocon

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Protocon is a combination of “protocol” and “Economy." Protocon Network is a blockchain project that aims to provide the infrastructure needed in the digital transformation era.

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Protocon, a Window into the Protocol Economy.

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