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Protocon Releases Second Yellow Paper Introducing ‘Fact Hash’

Hello there. This is Team Protocon.

Following Protocon’s first Yellow Paper describing the Contract Model, we present the second Yellow Paper describing Fact and Fact Hash, the heart of the Protocon network and the core elements of the data processing of the Mitum blockchain. This paper introduces and defines the concepts of Fact and Fact Hash first presented in the blockchain industry, and describes their characteristics and utility.

When linking Cross-chain, there is a problem of trust that requires trusting the Bridge service that connects two blockchains off-chain. If there are blind spots or attack points in the bridge, it can lead to accidents such as hacking. Fact hash offers a very effective solution in this area.

More details can be found at the link below.

▶︎ Protocon Yellowpaper (KOR)

▶︎ Protocon Yellowpaper (ENG)

In Part 3 of the Yellow Paper, the technical information of ISAAC+, the consensus protocol of the Mitum blockchain, will be dealt with. Please look forward to it and we appreciate your support.

Thank you.

Team Protocon

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