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Protocon roadmap update for first half of 2022

The 2022 Protocon roadmap has been newly updated.

The new roadmap can be found on the Protocon website.

1. Mainnet

Starting with Beta Net, which started its operation last year, there was a technical event to officially operate the mainnet of “Crypworld” with Protocon technology. Currently, the core function of Jeju Net is being developed and is to be released in the second half of 2022. With the launch of the Jeju mainnet, various functions such as mainnet token issuance, Protocon wallet with FeeFi function, and Protocon-based dApp token issuance will be released. The launch of Jeju Net marks the moment when Protocon officially takes its first steps as a mainnet project. Thanks to the supporters of Protocon, we were able to take the development roadmap step by step. Thank you.

By 2025, various blockchain core functions mentioned in the white paper, such as NFT, DeFi, DID, and Voting will be implemented sequentially at each stage.

2. dApp

Last year, MVP beta web version BlockSign, Prototype app version Protocon DID, and web version beta service Protocon Wallet were developed. This year, it is expected that you will be able to meet Blockcity official service, BlockSign C DEMO version, and the Protocon Wallet app with FeeFi function.

Blockcity game will feature voting systems (sync with Blocksign), city representative history records, real estate records, and user achievement badges, while Protocon Wallet will feature key management, single & multisig account creation, token transfer & storage, blockchain explorer, and FeeFi services.

Following last year’s steady run to achieve our goals, we will make better results this year and become Protocon that will leap into the next generation mainnet project.

Thank you.

Team Protocon

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