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Protocon signed a partnership with Treasures Club


The public blockchain project, Protocon has singed a strategic partnership with ‘Treasures Club’, a collectible art NFT brand, for blockchain-related technological alliances and business expansion.


3rd May, 2022

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Treasures Club plans to continue cooperation on technology and business development, such as building a dedicated sidechain in line with the launch of Protocon’s mainnet, and issuing its own tokens and NFTs.

Partner information

Treasures Club’, a brand specializing in art collectible NFTs, drew attention from the market by selling out 16,384 generative art NFTs in October 2021. Treasures Club successfully launched ‘Treasures M’, the first 3D metaverse gallery exhibition in Korea, showing active collaborations with NFT artists in various fields. Since then, they have been expanding their business by collaborating with famous IPs such as the movie ‘Special Cargo’, Kakao Entertainment’s webtoon ‘The Empty Shell Duchess’, and Channel A’s ‘City Angler’. Recently, in collaboration with LG Household & Health Care’s representative cosmetic brand, ‘belif’, they launched Metaverse Commerce, which can be purchased with cryptocurrency for the first time in Korea, creating value that connects online/offline based on blockchain.

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