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Protocon signed a strategic partnership with Open Meta


Protocon and Open Meta, which operates the metaverse real estate platform OpenMetaCity, have entered into a strategic partnership for blockchain-related technology and business expansion.


14th June, 2022

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Open Meta and Protocon will cooperate in building a metaverse NFT trading platform through blockchain technology support, establishing domestic and foreign cooperation networks, discovering new businesses, expanding the ecosystem of each project, and supporting marketing and public relations.

Partner information

Open Meta operates its own metaverse real estate platform OpenMetaCity. It provides an experience of registration, transaction, and rental income through the process of subscribing to real apartments in the virtual world. It is implemented so that anyone can easily participate in NFT and metaverse.

Since the launch of the service in January, 106,000 apartments have been successfully sold to 10 districts in Seoul, and it is receiving a lot of attention, recording a competition rate of over 6,000 to 1.

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