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Protocon Whitepaper v.1.1.1 Updated!

Hi~ This is Team Protocon.

Protocon White Paper has been updated to v. 1.1.1

In this update, there have been changes related to the name and distribution ratio in Token Allocation.

Detailed updates are as follows.👇


  • Changed some terminology of Token Allocation
  1. Renamed Commons Budget to Governance Reserve
  2. Integrated Ecosystem (25%) and Network Operating Incentive (20%) into Ecosystem Rewards (35%)
  3. Renamed Reserved to Liquidity Provision

👉Go to Protocon Whitepaper (English):

👉Go to Protocon Whitepaper (Korean):

Protocon is currently laying the groundwork for a leap forward step by step.

Protocon is a project that grows and develops through value sharing with ecosystem participants. We will continue to update and share major development plans and roadmaps with you according to the development progress.

Stay tuned for our next move.

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