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📍 [Round 5] Twitter Event Winners Announcement

Hey Protocon Community!

The [Round 5] Twitter Event has finally ended and we will now announce the winners!

We will be selecting 500 participants who have completed the missions to receive 50 TRX through a lottery. Secondly, we will be giving 200 PEN to the top 20 participants who invited the most friends. We were planning on also giving 200 PEN to an additional 20 random participants if we reached 20k followers on Twitter, but unfortunately, we came up just a bit short.😢

Thank you for your participation and congratulations to all the winners!🎉🎉

Reward distribution: After 2.PM (UTC+9), August 2nd, 2022

▶ 50 TRX Lottery Winners :

▶ 200 PEN Invitation Winners:

(Please search for your TG ID in the link above to see if you won.)

We are going to announce the result through the Protocon Announcements Channel after the distribution. For more information, you can contact us through our official mail( or our official Telegram.

Team Protocon.

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