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[September Week 3] PEN TALK

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📌 Protocon POCO WL Event

📌 Bitcoin Topped $22,000 — What’s Next?

📌 Starbucks Is Joining Web3

Protocon POCO WL Event

Last week, Protocon officially announced the birth of ‘POCO’ NFT and the WL.

Within the last couple of weeks, Protocon has held multiple WL Events where a total of 90 people have been whitelisted. Protocon will reveal a legendary NFT every week with a WL Event. A total of 500 spots for the POCO whitelist will be provided. As Protocon and POCO don’t believe in immense grinding for WL, the WL will be easily obtainable for all!

All you have to do is follow our Twitter and turn on notifications for our WL posts. Additionally, POCO is free mint as well!

Protocon wishes for all of you to obtain POCO and help expand the Protocon ecosystem!

Bitcoin Topped $22,000 — What’s Next?

Image credit: Forbes

The Ethereum Merge draws near and many have been speculating and trying to predict the market.

Even a couple of months ago, many people were worried about the bear market and the price of BTC (bitcoin) and ETH (ethereum). Many experts and professional traders even believed and stated that BTC would drop to $10k. However, on Monday, BTC briefly topped $22,000 (according to CoinDesk data) despite the bearish sentiment, resulting in celebration.

Some crypto investors believe that the Ethereum Merge is influencing the price of BTC as Bitcoin Maxis and crypto enthusiasts are highly anticipating a successful merge. Some believe the merge and FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting may create a sell-off.

One could say or infer that BTC slightly correlates with the U.S. stock market and moves with ‘some’ indexes. For example, on the 15th, BTC clung to $20K as US stocks lost the equivalent of 4 Bitcoin market caps, which is about $1.6 trillion.

Once again, Crypto is highly volatile and fluctuates, meaning that the retail investor should only take the “advice” from gurus as speculation and not into heart. Despite the rise of BTC and ETH, investors should always do their own research and conduct thoroughly before investing.

Starbucks Is Joining Web3

Image credit: TechCrunch

Many Web2 companies have been joining Web3 to adapt with the current market, future, and technology. Can you guess who just joined?

On Monday, Starbucks officially introduced Starbucks Odyssey, their first step into Web3 and blockchain. Starbucks Odyssey will combine their original Starbucks Reward loyalty program with an NFT platform. As the program will originally use existing log-in credentials and isn’t fully decentralized, one could assume this would be Web2.5 (the medium between Web2 and Web3 technology). However, Web2.5 is still needed for mass adoption and is the gateway to Web3.

Starbucks Odyssey was found with the purpose to expand its loyalty program with additional perks. Members will be able to play interactive games, increase one’s knowledge of Starbucks or coffee, collect NFTs, and more.

Even a set number of limited edition NFTs will be available for purchase through the app. These NFTs will be even available for purchase via credit or debit card, allowing an easily accessible entry barrier. As no crypto wallet is required, this may increase mass adoption of blockchain technology.

For more information please refer to Starbuck’s official news.

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