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🎉[Special Event] Protocon NFT Naming Contest: Say my name! 🎉

Hello, Protocon community members!

The birth of Protocon’s mascot is just around the corner👏👏👏

We were wondering how should we name this cutie🤔

Why don’t you guys suggest some cool names?

For the winner who came up with the best name, we are going to give $100 of PEN + NFT whitelisting as a reward😤😤

So, what’s the whitelist?

: It is the right to buy NFT at a lower price in the early stages, with given NFT minting rights!

Also! Among all the participants who came up with cool names but didn’t get chosen, 50 random participants will additionally be selected to be whitelisted:)

+ Additional $5 of PEN for 10 random participants!

The name YOU suggested will be EVERYWHERE in Protocon community & medias

+ Being whitelisted for the brand-new Protocon NFT?!


- Event Period: 2022.08.12(Fri) ~ 08.16(Tue) 12 at noon (*UTC +9)

- Winners Announcement: 08.16(Tue) after 2:00 PM

- Distribution: Within 10 days after the announcement

- Distribution Method: Through Metamask wallet address

(Contract Address: 0xa5DeC77c4d1B4eba2807C9926b182812A0cBf9Eb)


📌 Follow @protoconpen on Twitter

📌 Comment a suggestion on the Twitter event post with a description

📌 Comment and following status should be remain still until the reward distribution


📍More comments with decent suggestions, a higher chance to get the reward

📍However, if there are any reckless suggestions only aiming for the reward, all the answers submitted by the user will be filtered and excluded from the event.

📍Winners will be announced through Twitter, and winners will be sent a DM with a link that can enter their Metamask wallet address (don’t reply if the sender’s account is not ‘@protoconpen’)

📍Any non-winners sending their wallet address through DM will be excluded from further events

📍The amount of PEN rewarded is going to be based on the PEN price of the distribution day, and rewards will be distributed within 10 days after the event ends.

Thank you for your support and we are always looking forward to your participation.

Team Protocon.

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