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Welcome our New Advisors!

Hi there👋

This is Team Protocon.

Protocon is laying the groundwork for our vision of building a protocol-based, automated economy.

As a result, two prominent people in each field joined Protocon as new advisors.

  • Hwoain Choi Advisor
  • Daewoo Kwon Advisor

Hwoain Choi is working as a blockchain evangelist and has accumulated experience in various fields, including serving as an advisor to the Presidential Advisory Group and the Blockchain Development Forum under the Financial Supervisory Service. Her expertise will create good synergy with us.

Daewoo Kwon has been working hard to foster legal talent as a professor at Hanyang University and has been at the forefront of solving social problems, including serving as president of the Korean Consumer Association. He will give the direction and legal advice necessary for Protocon to pioneer the blockchain business.

We ask for your interest and support for the Protocon ecosystem that we will create together with our new advisors.

We are happy to have you aboard. 🎉

Team Protocon

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