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Your best choice in this summer, Korea Blockchain Week 2022

Hello, Protocon community members!

Protocon will participate in Korea Blockchain Week 2022!

In this event, which marks its 5th anniversary this year, major domestic and foreign projects and world-class experts will participate in the event to communicate about blockchain services, business strategies, and the latest information. In particular, the main conference is attracting attention as world-class industry officials, including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, will attend as speakers. In addition, various events such as after-party, investor meeting, and global networking will be held.

Protocon is currently seeking a variety of business and collaboration opportunities through its participation in these events. In the field, we are looking at the trends in the blockchain industry with our own eyes and thinking about what direction we should move forward. We will never stop improving ourselves.

We ask for your expectations and support!

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