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The new release features the ROI ranking functionality, enables better visibility across Delegates statistics, improves notifications, etc.

In January, Protofire launched the project to ensure visibility for token holders across transcoders they bond with, thus promoting smarter decisions. Today, we are glad to release 2.0. At Protofire, we continue to bet on innovation and contributions to transcendent projects, that is why we present the new version pushed to support the growth of the ecosystem.

The changes and improvements introduced add new benefits for Delegators (LPT token holders) and Delegates (currently ‘Transcoders’), enabling greater visibility and control over staking, as well as introduce changes in the status and behavior of Delegates per round basis.

This way, aims to deliver a positive shift in the experience of token holders.

The limitations to resolve

We noted that LPT token holders have certain limitations for tracking bonded Delegates:

  • A lack of easy-to-use tools and sufficient information to make the right decision when staking (bond) LPTs to a Delegate (a.k.a. Transcoder, or Orchestrators in the upcoming version 3.0).
  • There are no representative statistics related to Delegates.
  • A user can’t monitor the whole Livepeer network in order to find better Delegates to bond to.

A user is not aware of various events in the Livepeer network that may come helpful, such as changes in the Delegate reward cut, a Delegate becoming inactive, etc.


Below, you will find a list of new features:

  1. The back end was strengthened by adding new resources, such as the Livepeer subgraph hosted by the Graph Protocol and some new statistical calculations functions.
  2. There were added new aggregated and calculated information related to Delegates and rewards, for example:
  • ROI (tokens earned every 1,000 staked LPTs)
  • historical rewards information and trends
  • Delegate business rules configuration change

3. The system now supports up to nine different notifications:

  • A Delegator is ready to bond.
  • A Delegator is in an unbonding state, notify rounds left to bond.
  • A Delegate changes the rules.
  • A weekly summary earned LPT: every seven rounds, Delegator receives summary information of rewards per round.

4. The user can now select the frequency of notifications between Daily and Weekly.

The notifications sent about the Delegate status changes for the staking cycle per each round

In addition, several bugs were fixed, as well as website and e-mail layouts were overhauled, improving data reading and visualization.

Delegators can now track each instance of Delegates’ bonded processes and receive alerts when business rules change.

New rewards statistical information allows users to follow their investments and take full control over their LTPs.

The statistics available through the

For more improvements introduced, please check out this GitHub repo.

ROI ranking

Protofire’s goal is to continue contributing to the Livepeer ecosystem. So, we are planning to deliver the ROI ranking feature — currently in beta — which will provide a list of the best Delegates based on the ROI. The list will be supplemented with additional useful information, such as the total stake, rewards cut, efficiency, and active rounds. Both a Delegator and a Delegate will benefit from this tool by being able to check business rules and ranking. The list will be updated after each round, and Delegators can make smarter decisions on which option to bond to increase rewards.

The ROI ranking list

For details on the 2.0, check out the project’s GitHub repo.

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