Protofire launches is glad to announce the launch of (beta).

This tool is our first contribution to the Livepeer community hoping to make a positive impact on user adoption and network usage.

We encourage LPT token holders and transcoders to give it a try and provide us with your feedback.


Our motivation is to deliver a positive change to the experience of token holders engaged in the Livepeer network.

The first objective is to contribute to the Livepeer ecosystem an open-source implementation for a pro-active alert notification experience that will help LPT token holders to be updated and understand how the delegates they are delegating the tokens to are performing in near real time (the delegates are currently called “transcoders”, they will be renamed to “orchestrators” in Streamflow implementation).

The second goal is to proactively engage LPT holders on how much they’ve earned from inflation during the last days.

The third goal is to proactively re-engage LPT holders who are not delegating yet or stopped delegation, so that we can positively impact on the target network participation rate.

The service will enable token holders to sign up to receive notifications using their e-mails and/or telegram user and their Ethereum addresses . We’ll do our best to prioritize the user experience (UX).


A transcoder should call reward automatically at the very start of a round. This action generates newly minted LPT that gets split amongst them and their delegators.

If transcoders fail to invoke reward during a round (a shaky connection to an Ethereum node, or high gas prices, can cause this TX to not be submitted), then they miss out on the newly minted LPT, and so do their delegators. It is very bad to not call reward, as it’s a big missed opportunity. that does not come back for both, the transcoder and the delegators.

Why is this tool required?

Currently, token holders have no easy way of knowing if the transcoder they bond to fails to call reward, and therefore one may miss out an inflationary token as a token holder without ever knowing it. Furthemore, token holders want to know how their LPT tokens are performing by having insight information on earnings.

As a delegator I would like to receive an alert notification every day that tells me whether my transcoder called the reward or not, and how much token I earned from inflation. I would like to receive this as an email and/or telegram notification.

As a Transcoder I would like to be notified if there was something wrong with my node and the reward was not called in the current round automatically (Bonus track. Feature coming soon). provides the following features:

  • Token holder account summary: a Dashboard that provides an at-a-glance view of your participation in the network and receive tips on how to improve your earnings.
  • Subscription for token holders to receive daily notifications (email and/or telegram).
  • Subscription for transcoders to receive proactive notification on failing reward calls (email and/or telegram).

Landing page

Token holder — Your account

Email notification

For token holders delegating

For transcoders

Telegram notification (plus bot interaction)

Your feedback

Your feedback will be much appreciated. It will help us fix bugs, and improve and add more features to these Livepeer Tools.

Please create an issue here or drop me an email at

Open Source

Being an open-source project, we encourage the developer community to contribute and ultimately continue advancement of the tool in a decentralized manner. We believe developing the tool set in an open-source way will help both developers and end users to build more trust towards the applications.