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Our Mission & Vision @ Proton

Our Business Model

Our Values

  • Love & Respect for the Music — At Proton, everything we do is based on a passion and respect for the music & the creatives who make it. While this may sound cheesy, and any music company would say it, these are not hollow words: our love for the music guides everything we do. Our track record speaks volumes: see our greatest hits below!
  • Lead with Integrity & Vision — Proton was born out of a lack of transparency, accountability, and technical leadership in the rest of the electronic music industry. We were upset artists weren’t getting paid fairly, but quickly learned why: it was increasingly difficult for label managers to actually do that in a digital era without the right tools. From our inception, we’ve been devoted to leading the industry forward with a vision for what needs to change, with creative & timely solutions that solve real problems & build trust with artists, music labels, DJs, and their fans.
  • Grow Sustainably — Like our clients, Proton is a true independent. We’re not owned by another company and we’re also fully bootstrapped: this means we are not beholden to investors. While the rest of our industry (monopolies, startups and private equity backed firms) are obsessed with growth and scale, Proton is devoted to sustainable growth that doesn’t compromise our values. And it’s working: for the last 4 years, our average annual growth has been over 35%.

Our Greatest Hits

  • Beatport Transparency — Proton was the first (and still only) platform helping artists see how many followers & daily sales they have on Beatport. While this might seem minor, other distributors (and Beatport itself) don’t give artists any daily reporting, which is a big deal since Beatport is the primary place DJs get their music.
  • Smart Contracts & Automated AccountingProton was the first (and still only) distro platform that helps music labels fully automate contracts & accounting with their artists, including automatic management of expenses to recoup costs before artists get paid. This saves music labels a huge amount of time, helps them safely invest in their own businesses, while making sure artists get paid fairly & reliably.
  • DJ Mixes on Spotify & AppleProton is the only distro platform that fully unlocks our label’s catalog for use in monetized DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple. In 2020, on average, each mix helped boost paid plays by over 10%. Since the beta started in 2019, we’ve helped power over 13 million additional streams for our artists & labels. And we’re just getting started!
  • Promo PoolWe’re the only distro platform that offers a completely automatic & free promo pool platform. This allows music labels to easily share upcoming music with tastemaking DJs in exchange for the DJ’s feedback & support. A core component in the electronic music industry, promo pools have traditionally been expensive & time consuming — but that’s now a thing of the past. Most importantly, DJs in a Proton promo pool can also start featuring our music labels’ catalog in their mixes on Spotify & Apple, boosting earnings for everyone (including the DJs themselves).

What’s it like working at Proton?

Work Environment: 100% Remote & Independently Motivated

Flexible Full Time, Supporting Lifestyle Design

Self-Starters & Creative Problem Solvers

Some closing notes about our music…

  • Original Artists — Create & produce original tracks that get signed to…
  • Music Labels — Who organize & promote each release, often with…
  • Remix Artists — Other producers who create their own version of the original track.
  • DJs — Who buy the tracks on stores like Beatport & mix the music into…
  • Mixes — Which contain tracks by various artists & music labels, listened to by…
  • Casual Fans — Who finally hear the original tracks & remixes, often on…
  • Channels — Carefully, independently curated blogs & brands that premiere tracks & invite DJs to be featured.



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