Discover our new headquarter

We have good news: Our team is growing… we needed more space and we got it!

We are happy to announce that this past February we moved to a bigger, more stylish and all-around awesome office that we are sharing with our friends and partners TigreLab. Our old office served us well and we made very good memories there, but we couldn’t be more excited about this new space.

A spacious and bright open space, a big demo room, a meeting room and a brand-new workshop… everything is perfect to work in a stimulating atmosphere. We also have an area to bring people together around a fresh brew of morning coffee or to enjoy after-work beers. Of course, we have personalized the office with our smart lighting system.

If you are around Poble Nou don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi! We see this new space as a new chapter in ProtoPixel history and we are happy to share it with you.

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