Great success of L’Inframón at Grec Festival and Teatre Lliure

We always say that theatre is one of the best fields for showing the potential and power of ProtoPixel, ranging from lighting to stage design. After the great experience of SPAM now we have ProtoPixel as part of the new theatre play, L’Inframón, and it is just amazing!

The play, based on Jennifer Haley’s The Nether, presents a disturbing crime drama and a science fiction thriller that examines the consequences of living out our private dreams. An examination of moral responsibility in virtual worlds, and a stark warning about the future of the Internet. In this context, the talented audiovisual creator Joan Rodón used ProtoPixel to recreate the virtual wonderland where L’Inframón takes place.

Listen to a radio interview (in catalan) where Joan talks about the video and lighting design for L’Inframón.

More information here.