New ProtoPixel Create release (2.0.0-beta4)

It has been a while since our last release, we have been working hard on very interesting features and products, You’ll see it soon!

This release is 2.0.0-beta4. If you have ProtoPixel Create already installed, it will automatically ask you to update to the new version, or you can download it manually. Behold the changes:

Properties of multiple selections

Multiple selections now display common properties in the inspector, and they can be modified altogether.

WebApp compatibility

The WebApp is now compatible with major browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Android, IOS). This means that you can now use your iPad with ProtoPixel Create WebApp!


We applied many changes to impre the usability of ProtoPixel Create scripting engine, and more modern libraries, such as the new openFrameworks v0.9.8 bindings.

And Many Bugfixes!

  • Syphon Servers running before starting ProtoPixel were not listed.
  • Exit function was never called in Content Scripts.
  • OSC hooks in Content Scripts were never cleared.
  • Square selection now ignores hidden contents.
  • And many more bugs and performance improvements.

Download the new release!

That’s all for the moment. In the meanwhile, if you have any question/request please drop us a line at