New Release: ProtoPixel Create 2.2.0

We don’t stop for holidays! And that means: new ProtoPixel Release Download it now!

This release introduces some changes in the project file format, so please update all your machines to be able to save and load projects. Old projects will always be supported.

IMPORTANT: If you own a ProtoPixel Node you need to update it to use projects exported with this release. This can be done by loading an updater project to the Node, just as any other exported project.

If you have ProtoPixel Create already installed, it will automatically ask you to update to the new version, or you can download it manually here.

New features:

New file path widget: until now there was no easy way to clear a file path setting in the inspector; or even to know exactly what was it! This is now solved with the new file path control.

Support for RGBW fixtures: Now you can have true white colours in your LEDs!

Scripts properties refresh every time they are selected. In previous versions you had to reload the project to get the new properties in the inspector.

Fps indicator

New Color and Video remote interfaces.

Controllers now display their connection status. Red means connection problems, white is connected.

Many Performance improvements.

New example: Shader


- Prevent crash when exporting nonexistent file references.
- Change device name without crashing.
- Safer prints in scripts.
- Saving a project while multiple objects were selected resulted in an invalid file.
- Many GUI-related bugfixes.

Download the new release here!

As usual, if you have any question/request please drop us a line at