Our next challenge: bring smart expressive lighting to small businesses

We are a startup, and as such, we continuously analyze our market to innovate and push forward the boundaries of lighting technology.

As you know, our main products are ProtoPixel Create and ProtoPixel Controller, which are already powering dozens of venues in Europe with experiences like this one:

We are thrilled to see how our ecosystem makes expressive smart lighting cheaper, faster and easier for business.

But what about the millions of small shops, hotels and restaurants that cannot access this technology due to complexity and cost?

With this in mind, we decided to create an ecosystem based on our innovative lighting control technology that doesn’t require expert professionals/equipment to install and maintain. Something easy and accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises.

So, we came up with the idea of the first plug&play light system specifically conceived for the retail and hospitality sectors. These fixtures (bards and panels) come with an embedded ProtoPixel controller and seamlessly connect to your wifi network. You just have to power on and that’s it. Once online, you can control them using ProtoPixel Create or our App. All fixtures come with RGB + White LEDs, making them perfect for both functional lighting and colorful ambiences.

In a world dominated by e-commerce and food delivery, where physical stores and restaurants are somewhat struggling, our smart lamps can provide a unique customer experience on the spot… with basically only one click!

No need to code, no need to buy expensive and complex fixtures or control systems. With our new product, small businesses will have an all-in-one smart lighting solution with minimum effort and investment, and without losing efficiency or design.

Following a 1-month sprint we produced an MVP that was recently showcased at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

And we believe we did a pretty good job!

ProtoPixel was one of the selected startups to represent Catalunya at the The Next Web conference

Do you want to know more about this new product?

Come and try it out at Barcelona Building, Sonar+D Startup garden, or drop us a line to visit our office in Barcelona!

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