ProtoPixel Create 2.1.0 is out!

We are proud to present our first non-beta release!

If you have ProtoPixel Create already installed, it will automatically ask you to update to the new version, or you can download it manually.

What’s new

The main news is that ProtoPixel Create now requires a monthly subscription to activate unlimited deployment to LEDs. However, Create will still be available for free to design with limited output.

For support for subscription payments see here.

Technical improvements

You can now filter items in the scene panel:

Also, you can lock items, so you don’t accidentally move or select them in the workspace.

And you can now select multiple items in the scene panel using Cmd or Shift keys.

We have added support for many fixture types with different RGB orderings:

On less visual updates, you can now export a “Fat” project (including all assets), so you can distribute it as a single file. This file can be loaded directly by ProtoPixel Create.

The WebApp design and structure was updated, with a new theme and some new sections.

And as usual, many bug fixes, and performance improvements related to handling very big projects.

Download the new release here!

That’s all for the moment. In the meanwhile, if you have any question/request please drop us a line at

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